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The affair of goods and display counter!

Source:深圳珠宝展柜厂家    Author:凡路商业展柜    Visit:122    Pubtime:2018-03-27 10:53:29

Shelves as show the important carrier of goods, goods exhibition space and what is the relationship between production cases, actually very simple, because the design of the store shelves and all aspects of the conditions were a good fit.The display case in the mall is the first carrier to display the goods, and also the main frame for the visual space of the shopping mall.Cases to design and manufacture quality direct response of the class, in a shopping mall is also influence the commodity sales, at the same time embodies the brand image of enterprises, is now a few years, cases and way of the shopping mall have the bigger progress, the main competition in the market tend to be more mature, enterprises pay more attention to the result of shaping the brand image.According to the theme to set the color, style, price, appearance and so on, all should be taken into consideration, so as to design the layout of the display cabinet.

There are several stores the environmental elements, a variety of elements is closely connected with human relations, such as: lighting, color composition, spatial layout, merchandising, marketing idea, etc., in the jewelry cases and the transmission of information and communication is its main function, under the guidance of this idea, reveal ark should be shown in the image of the item propaganda and visual communication needs to provide a harmonious environment of each environmental elements complement each other to show the cultural concept of the brand class brand to customers, thereby affect the customer's purchasing psychology and behavior.

In addition, it is necessary to analyze, manage the area and display the quantity of goods in the jewelry display.Premises area size stores are often uncertain, sometimes area is too big or too small, there is not enough variety of design and color of the area is too big exhibition space, the area is too small to do product demonstrations have limitations.Evaluate the hardware environment of the storefront and the passageway, the staircase, and the main channel or time of the evaluation to display the cabinet;Assess the overall level of the class and store location, whether in the corner or in the corner, with a clear overall image design and creativity to determine the design space structure and visual focus.Clear the nature of the goods is soft or hard goods, analysis the characteristics of the product geometry, determine the goods and the use case points, line, surface geometry of the echo, under the condition of design specifications, exhibition display structure and plane decoration geometric condition and building facilities.Such as stairs, slope angles, geometric types, electrical switches, fire doors, fire hydrants, ceiling shapes and ceiling heights.In this way, the format and style of the display case can be displayed in a wide range, but there are many things to pay attention to, such as how to make the light and the product placement advertisement mode, all of which need to be considered in detail.

All in all, the display and the goods are artistic, practical and humanized.Art is beautiful, practical for the economy, humanization is to attract everyone's attention, make people feel at home!Modern commercial space, the mall shopping environment constantly improve the level and development, commercial exhibition industry increases, new, shown lots of innovative ideas, the concept and new technology in constantly enrich the malls and shopping space, enrich people's field of vision.To present the beauty and utility of goods is the most important relationship between the display cabinet and the goods.

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