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The art of communication

Source:Funroad Exhibition & Display    Author:Admin    Visit:659    Pubtime:2017-06-06 09:52:05

Clinch a deal before then, every customer can avoid the early exchanges, which industry no matter what, you want to do business, communication is essential.We all know that all kinds of business demonstrations are communication and exchange activities that are the main functions of soliciting, passing and communicating.The production of its function is closely related to the elements of the human mind.
For example, people also have such a thought and response, from "mind -- knowledge -- association -- love -- acceptance."For this reason, we know and study the rules, and it is helpful to design the display case.
Feeling and perception.According to the experts, the explanation is that the human brain responds to the individual characteristics of objective things that function in different senses.It is the first and most basic idea of the human brain to understand its condition and its objective international.The feeling is the whole response of the human brain to the objective and one-sided conditions of the senses.If there is no response to a single characteristic, there will be no response.Thus, the feeling is based on feeling, the more accurate the individual characteristics of human experience, the more complete and accurate the feeling of things.So let's design cases and if do not have to make the customer feel this feeling, how to drum up business, just like the same two people, no feeling feeling, how can pay attention to you?
Keep an eye on it.Cited professional explanation is that pay attention to is the mind of the cognitive process of fundamental characteristics of people to identify the object by the converged on performance, is the first element of progress storefront display function.In cases and design, let's pay attention to how to retain customers and asked him to pay attention to time continuous, personally, I think, is associated with the characteristics of visual object, if choose increase object of visual stimulation intensity and contrast, perception hobby excitement, more dynamic change, all can enhance business cases and attractive.
Emotions.It is the response of the human being to the value of good and evil.So let's guangzhou macro exhibition display equipment factory in the demand for designer to recognize, if the commercial cases and image design of infectious, can induce all outstanding emotional response.Progressive presentation.Exhibition space effect is also very important, of course, in front of the sharing, we also mentioned that some let a person feel warm and affectionate, open, open, divine, depressed, mixed and disorderly, overwhelming, and so on, people's emotional response of display is too important to us.
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