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The jewelry display case design the several factors

Source:Funroad Exhibition & Display    Author:Admin    Visit:668    Pubtime:2017-06-06 09:52:58

Jewelry display cases, or other display cases, will be seen in our stores, jewelry displays, etc.To a large extent, there is a sense of beauty.So as a consumer do you know what factor to consider in the booth design?The display ark design should be harmonious, don't be disorderly, the display ark design should highlight the focus, want to express the theme clearly, clear the message, want concise not complicated.The main part of the display case is the lighting design, and what the object wants to do is the effect of the light.
What color of the exhibits should match what kind of light can achieve effects, you can also see more goods to design the lighting in the market place.Through a series of programs to design natural, dynamic, unique and human-centered masterpieces.In consideration of human factors in the design of exhibition space, make a space better serve the people display design need to meet people in material and spiritual double needs, this is the fundamental basis of analysis of the exhibition space.Humans need comfortable and harmonious environment, melody available display effect, informative content, safe and convenient space planning, considerate service facilities and so on, these are human in spirit to show the design request.
Which requires the designer carefully analysis activities of visitors behavior and in a juice with scientific attitude to give full attention to human body engineering, make the shape of the exhibition space, size and there is appropriate coordination between human body measure, make the space of each part in scale and the way people action and perception in the space with suitable, coordination, this is the most basic space requirements.We know that the display case is used for displaying the goods, and it is absolutely impossible to ignore the practicality, otherwise it is useless to be beautiful and look gorgeous.
It is the design principle that designers are used to in terms of the simplicity, simplicity and not simplicity.The practicability of this deposit is not only for product, more is can cater to the demand of the market, meet the style characteristics of The Times, which requires the jewelry cases and conducting market research before the design and production company, closely around the jewelry store market positioning, product development, the function layout and process design, management mode and take cover engineering of the overall layout for design and production.Otherwise, it is hard to buy.It is not only the jewelry display cabinet that needs these, the cosmetics display cabinet, and the smoke and wine display cases are all the same, the design factors need to be considered.
So under design is to make the counter in the soul, not only should accord with human body engineering, but also meet certain aesthetic, so as to create a perfect counter.There will also be some excitement for consumers.This need to show ark production manufacturer, need to continuously give stylist training to study regularly, can build the most perfect design plan.
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