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The cleaning and maintenance of glass display cabinet, how to remove the glue on the glass

Source:深圳珠宝展示柜厂    Author:凡路商业展柜    Visit:570    Pubtime:2018-01-03 09:32:04

Glass as ordinary life with about two kinds of glue, is a kind of glass glue, the other is a glue on the tape. The two kinds of glue if it is to get to the glass cases are difficult to handle, but we are still way to deal with. Then we can together to learn how to get rid of the glass glue tips

Glass display cabinet clean maintenance - how do you remove the glass on glass

First, use a small blade to gently shovel out the large area of the glass, and then the rest will be treated as follows.

How to remove the glue on the glass one: use banana water fire doors and Windows.It's an industrial agent used to remove paint, and it's easy to buy.The method is the same as the alcohol acetone.

How to remove the glue on the glass: use hand cream.First remove the printed product on the surface, then squeeze the hand cream on it, rub it slowly with the thumb, and then rub the sticky glue.Just a little bit slower.Hand cream is a kind of grease, which is not compatible with glue.That's what it's all about.Materials are easy to find and easy to remove.

How to get rid of the glue on the glass 3: chemical shop has the sparse buy, the effect is very good, can wipe away very quickly.

How to get rid of the glue method on the glass 4: use paper towel to touch some alcohol (best use industrial alcohol, want to do not use medically also to make up) wipe, wipe again a few times clean.

How to get rid of the glue on the glass 5: use nail polish remover.The same is true with alcohol.The effect is also very good.It doesn't require quality, good or general, as long as it can wash off the nail polish.

How to get rid of the glue on the glass 6: with acetone.The method is the same.The best thing about it is that it can easily remove the remaining glia, which is better than sprinkling.Both of these are solvents, which are the best for fireproof doors and Windows in all the methods.

Glass display cabinet clean maintenance - how do you remove the double gel on the glass

Here are a few ways to help you...

Apply the face oil, wipe it evenly, and then use the nail to pick it out, then wipe it off with a wet towel.

Blow with a hair dryer, and you can get it down.

Use the oil to rub it, it will drop later, try.

Try an eraser.But in the beginning, you may feel the scrubbing, but you will see the effect in a longer time. This method is more tired and will have perseverance.

Use a water bubble, a little detergent, then brush with an old toothbrush.

Rub a cloth with a touch of alcohol or a eraser.

Use soap and add a little ammonia water with the mixture of turpentine oil, can remove a lot of dirt and make the glass surface has more luster (this article applies to ceramic tile, ceramic, glass etc.

Use sticky and transparent glue repeatedly to tear, can remove surface some

Use a little bit of sodium to wipe off, or use paint thinner.

Use a cotton swab to wash the nail polish.

Use a special cleaner or sneaker to wipe the paste.

If the residue has been hardened for a long time, you can use a hot towel to soften it up.

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