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The maintenance method of high-end wood paint jewelry display cabinet in winter!

Source:深圳珠宝展柜厂    Author:凡路商业展柜    Visit:592    Pubtime:2018-01-02 09:41:47

How to maintain the high end wood to paint jewelry display cabinet in winter?Although the winter sunshine is not very strong, but the long days of sun and the dry climate, the wood will become very dry, prone to cracks and local discoloration.At the same time, the winter jewelry display ark also should not be put in very wet place, because the wood is wet easily to expand, time grows to be able to change, decompose and so on.

Also to prevent dust.Dust is the killer that makes the display cabinet "grow old" quickly.Clean the ash regularly, otherwise it will be difficult to clean and affect the aesthetics.

Stay hydrated.Can not light with wet dishcloth to wipe simply, and should choose professional furniture, display ark to nurse essential oil.It contains natural orange oil which is easily absorbed by the wood fiber, which can be used to lock the water in the wood, prevent the wood from cracking and deformation, and prolong the service life of the furniture.Also can give furniture, jewelry display ark regularly to wax, usually every quarter is waxed, such furniture looks shiny and the surface won't absorb dust, clean is easy.

This article is provided by the direct selling manufacturer of all road jewelry display cabinets: 20 years' experience in the display cabinet of jewelry stores, and in 2017 will help you to promote brand value quickly.

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