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The color design of the watch display case also hides the geomantic science.

Source:手表展示柜台厂家    Author:凡路商业展柜    Visit:630    Pubtime:2017-11-10 09:45:20

In fact, the color design of the display case of the watch is also hidden in feng shui

People's views on color are not a simple color appreciation, but a kind of human emotion, reflecting the belief of a nation.When designing the color of the appearance of the cosmetic display case, pay attention to the harmony with the traditional concept of color, so that people accept the colors attached to the appearance of the display case.According to the five elements of feng shui, the universe is composed of five elements: water, fire, earth, gold and wood.Heaven and earth are distributed in five lines, with five colors, namely green, red, white, yellow and black.

Cyan, equivalent to gentle spring, for the green leaf bud color;Red, the equivalent of hot summer, is the color of fire;Yellow, the equivalent of earth, is the color of a man;White, equal to the cool autumn, for metallic luster;Black is the cold winter, water, the color of the abyss.The simplification is that the wood is green, the fire is red, the shi is yellow, the gold is white, the water is black.

Green, red, yellow, white, black and other colors, there are special meanings in ancient China:

Cyan - eternal peace

Red - happy and happy

Yellow -- force, rich, emperor

White -- sadness, peace and elegance

Black - broken, steady

Please look for the harmony of the appearance of the display case, including the color harmony, color collocation, etc.Watch cases and color appearance style of humorous, mainly is refers to under content with some kind of to the color of the taboo, or color, or is to choose the color of the match, caused to people on the understanding of the color sense does not adapt.The color of the appearance of the display case of the watch will not harmonize, which will affect the appearance of the display cabinet.

According to the theory of feng shui, the color is not positive, the color dissonance, all have the spirit.Cases and discord, the color appearance style makes the watch cases and taken on ShaQi ShaQi, will drive away the customer, and don't talk about the theory of feng shui, watch cases and color appearance style of discord, as if a person wearing a neither fish nor fowl and being rejected outside outfit, should be avoided.

With the aid of color beautification watch display ark, with color foil display ark, this is the brand-new consciousness that the modern businessman carries out the ark, in fact concealed very deep geomantic knowledge.

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