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The contrast between the lacquer display cabinet and the glass display cabinet.

Source:深圳凡路展柜厂    Author:凡路商业展柜    Visit:593    Pubtime:2017-11-13 10:24:31

The contrast between the lacquer display cabinet and the glass counter

Cases and there are a lot of kinds, each kind of use is different, so, today we place the shelves of the lacquer that bake and the comparison of glass cases, cases of the lacquer that bake is commonly based on the material of wood, and surface of ash grinding, on the surface of the lacquer that bake after treatment, the first working procedure is more troublesome, the base material of the lacquer that bake many, plywood, density board, daxing board, particle board, and surface veneer, veneer, fire prevention board, and so on, producing method is more, the style is more also.General base material is made of glass, please bo and super white glass two kinds, the most not only made of glass, glass will according to the product to go with wood, and aluminum alloy, stainless steel, cooperate to make some solid material such as iron, this appearance is more beautiful, more strong match.Shelves of the lacquer that bake can tear open outfit can be ready, but the glass is ready for the most, tear open outfit is not very good, because every piece of stitching together of the time need to glue and shadowless glue, glass bulk easily broken, ready after a support will be a lot of, cases and USES of the lacquer that bake is generally shoes handbags, clothing and cosmetics is more, the glass have been used in jewelry, crafts and watch more, both have different length, where we need to where, according to the different products to do different cases and to foil to more high-end products.

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