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The maintenance skill of acrylic display cabinet.

Source:深圳展柜厂    Author:凡路商业展柜    Visit:628    Pubtime:2017-11-13 10:26:16

Acrylic cases and maintenance tips: acrylic from the last century was discovered after the soaring, because of its plasticity is very strong, so that its use is more and more widely, especially in the display industry and advertising industry, the development of these two industries, also gradually be big as is known to all, now that involves such a wide range of areas, so how to use the more I think about it for a long time under a lot of people want to know about it.Then we'll talk about how to maintain the acrylic display case. It's better to take care of the product for longer.

Acrylic is a fragile product, whether it is large or small, so as long as the heavy weight is basically over, it is necessary to avoid the heavy hitting.

Fragile is one, and the other is easy to take, easy to take to what extent, just a little hard with nail to scratch may be scratched, this list is, of course, look not to come out, sideways to be is easy to see with a light trace, actually doesn't hurt, main is more hard material to scrape, easily scratched, so try to avoid this kind of things happen, of course, some say, where is so easy to avoid, there will be a little more or less, of course, it is also a problem, the solution is to buy a tube of polishing paste, very suitable for natural eliminate scars, suitable for home or is the use of each big store shelves, operation method, take a soft piece of white cloth, the polishing paste into a little (can be set according to the scar area) and then press tight tried to wipe until scar disappear completely, of course this way is only for a few small scars.

Big scar has its removal method, it may take more money, for some very cheap commodity is unnecessary, big goods if you compare lover that need not mean that money, such as a large aquarium, bath, as well as acrylic shelves, these large commodities have spent a lot of money to buy, can't see it scratched doesn't do any measures, the solution is to go to the market to buy a hand drill, hey hey this kind of things at home and other places are able to use, so it is not just to buy this product, after buying the hardware store you can go to the son (some hardware store without this) or on the Internet to buy a small cloth wheel, ask the seller they will tell you, is not expensive, this kind of cloth wheel can be installed directly on hand drill, in to buy some polishing wax, that kind of solid, asked the businesses they will tell you, if you don't know again afraid be pit can be directly in the search on the net this information, and then to buy, tell pit has been largely won't of the professional, all prepare can start, after the plug after turn the cloth wheel, then put the polishing wax on top of cloth wheel, is covered with wax on cloth wheel, then to scratch grinding area, is a little hard to get by, don't use too vigorously, has been thrown into the scratches disappear.

Yakeli the surface is easy to get dirty, particularly on the adhesive with general methods are difficult to remove after go up, then you can go to buy some white electric oil, with white soft cloth, remember must white oh, after wet under the dirty body, can get effective immediately, as long as it's not super glue other glue is basically can manage.

Still have a kind of situation, is what some cloth or other easy to rub off on time slightly long after will stain to the surface, usually also is very difficult to remove, so we can buy some 718 water, in ink shop will have this stuff, white electric oil also can buy here, the same with pure white or colorless cloth, wipe wet after directly above, wipe the waterproof gloves, it is best to take a because this is a little corrosive chemicals, sticking point is it's okay, prevention, generally not touch for a long time this basic is no problem.

Good also is basically the problem, these are the commonly used methods for our factory, but don't usually tell outside the factory, I took the risk of leaks ah, ha ha ha joke joke.

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