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The exhibition cabinet factory to popularize the jewelry store decoration should be aware of 5 points.

Source:深圳珠宝展示柜厂    Author:凡路商业展柜    Visit:580    Pubtime:2018-01-11 09:47:58

In the previous period, a client made some jewelry display cases in our factory. The display case was very satisfactory and we had a good conversation with us.Mr Li is also a feng shui study interest, especially to set up shop jade store decoration, store shelves decoration such as feng shui bearing problems have deep research, knowledge about this field, Mr. Li hao did not spare also willing to share with you.We've sorted it out, and we hope you'll have some help with opening a store, so we'll take a jewelry store for example.

Five important issues to be noticed in the decoration of jewelry stores:

A: the jewelry display case should not be placed in the exit.

Some jewelry store for promotion jewelry, often the decoration on the escalator outlet jewelry shelves, purpose, of course, is to make the customer a set foot on the floor can be seen and sell goods, in order to increase the possibility of selling goods, but this was often make some customers will be deliberately bypass the shelves, and towards the shelves beside.You might as well move the counter at the top of the stairs to the next two meters, and then look at the effect. I believe you will feel the use of "homeology".

Two: jewelry store color -- - can not be arbitrary.

Jewelry store decoration color is very exquisite, now there are many stores very pay attention to the color of store inside, some jewelry merchants by psychological tests that, more lively colors such as red, can make a person is in a state of relative excited, excited about the purchase desire.From the perspective of feng shui, the color of the jewelry store inside, to the owner a birth on the surface of the jewelry store facing and what they sell five lines of attributes and the combination of consideration, the property of commodity should be brought into the wood, fire, earth, metal and water five categories, and then according to the terms and store house owner's life, the color of the specific determination of jewelry shelves within the store, the method is very complicated, must ask professional curtilage in the home.

Three: the jewelry store door - - made too small to be angry.

The door of the jewelry store is the throat of the shop, the passageway of customers and merchandise.The number of customers a day in the store determines the rise and fall of the store.

4: sound evil -- -- don't be deafening music.

Playing loud music, in fact it is very bad, the music itself can create an atmosphere, but depends on what is built the atmosphere, soft and elegant music, can make the customer ghost town, increase customer stay in the shop, thus increasing the possibility of customer consumption;And blasting music called "evil spirit" in feng shui, belong to a less auspicious, makes people naturally producing irritable mood, to the jewelry store sales promotion can only play a negative impact.

5: straight flush -- escalator not to the gate.

Now, most major stores have escalator, please note that don't escalator to the shop door, if you have such a pattern formation, with jewelry cases and try to keep out, make customers don't see the escalators, an enter a door which is feng shui in the principle of "xi, avoid is straight at", otherwise, your customers in the store is "visit, less generous".Is that not a big loss?

Above are some questions about the jewelry store should be paid attention to, the jewelry store decoration and feng shui layout is also a little knowledge, hope you dear customers do not laugh.

This article is provided by the direct selling manufacturer of the jewelry display cabinet of van road: 20 years of experience in jewelry store display cabinet design, and in 2018, it will help you to improve the brand value rapidly.

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