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The good jewelry counter is the scenery line in the store, also can increase the sale of jewelry!

Source:珠宝展示柜台厂家     Author:凡路商业展示    Visit:392    Pubtime:2017-10-06 09:38:28

In order to increase the sales of jewelry, the jewelry counter is more elaborate, and then we will discuss the matching of jewelry items.

Collocation 1: prop and display ark

1. Display cabinet decoration: to make the display cabinet more vivid and active, flowers, leaves and other plants, such as flowers, leaves, etc., can be arranged in the space of the tray.

The wall of the wall decorated jewelry sales place is a very good publicity land.Wall decoration should pay attention to the image of the company, the image of the product, the image of the brand and the image of service.

3. The lighting of jewelry display cabinets can highlight the shape, color and texture of merchandise displayed in the store, and attract the attention of customers' products.The lighting configuration of jewelry display cabinets requires scientific and reasonable.

Collocation 2: prop and jewelry color prop color should foil the jewelry color, can use the contrast color or the coordination color to highlight the jewelry, this is the current domestic market common collocation way.

1. The black velvet tray displays platinum inlaid diamond jewelry, and the black and white contrast sets off the bright light of the diamond.

2. White lined with red border tray for jade ornament, red and green contrast against emerald green.

3. White silk tray with various pearls to foil the soft beauty of the pearl.

4. Use light blue silk tray to hold platinum jewelry, and foil the platinum white light.

All props and decorations are for the sale of jewelry, the use of props should highlight the selling points.In style, colorific tie-in what wants harmonious unity, can not make the host.

This article is provided by the direct selling manufacturer of all road jewelry display counters: 20 years jewelry store display counter design experience, help you to quickly enhance brand value.

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