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Why do many people choose to go to the counter to buy jewelry?

Source:珠宝柜台厂家    Author:凡路商业展示    Visit:209    Pubtime:2017-10-09 10:16:19

I believe most people have bought jewelry in the mall.Is the stuff in the mall good or bad?Is it worth buying?

Why do most people choose to go to the counter to buy jewelry?

Because there is no better alternative.How's the jewelry in the mall?Only say, one part is ok!And there are some people who are willing to pay for their prices when they are very expensive. Why is that?

Reason # 1: because it's tangible

Jewelry in the mall's biggest advantage is that seeing is believing, one thing at a time on the counter for the consumers to visit to buy goods, like it can directly take out to see or try, colour, texture, no cover all show in front of, is good a look at will know that.

Reason two: because it is a regular brand

Can to set up counters of most of them are regular brand mall (because the market will filter out some inappropriate), so than outside buy some "3 without" product, and good and evil people mixed up of gem jade in the market to buy more at ease.

Also because it is formal brand, so in quality aspect is more secure, once what problem, will have after sale to help solve, and do not worry the phenomenon that the businessman runs this kind of phenomenon appears.

There are advantages and disadvantages. The jewelry that is sold in the mall, which are worth buying, and which ones are bought?

Ii. What does the shopping mall have to buy to make money?Which ones are the pits?

1. Gold embroidery: absolutely not

If you want to rank all the jewelry sold in the mall, the last thing you can buy is the so-called gold embroidery.

I believe that many people have experienced a situation in which a lottery ticket was awarded after consumption in the mall.How big is the first prize?Or you can get "high-grade" gold or other accessories for free, but you need to pay part of the processing fee.Or you can get a discounted price, a few thousand dollars at the original price, and you can buy it for only 10% of the price.Sounds like a good deal. Why are you making money?But please believe that this is really a pit!

The price is so high, if it is the product to be good, the pit is in the gold jade is a worthless thing.First, the gold is a thin plate of gold, and the average piece of gold is negligible.Although it looks thick, it is used for fixing because it is covered with thick glue.

Besides, the "jade" below, may be issued with the certificate of jade or jade, but the certificate does not indicate the quality.The jade material used as a jade is very poor, the cost is very low.

Ordinary jade: know jade does not go to bazaar to buy

The person that goes to the mall to buy jade, usually is to protect true, this point of store can assure, but the person that does a little research to jade, won't go to the bazaar to buy jade.

On the one hand, these jade styles are homogenized, and they go all the way to the mass line, easy to hit, and lack of innovation.

, on the other hand, the shop have stock, all want to control costs, the price is too high will consider (because people buy less easy to backlog of inventory), you get what you pay for, it's doomed jade quality the doctrine of the mean, in the mall to buy is unlikely.

In addition, jade from the origin to the consumer, passed through layer upon layer of premium, so the price is higher than the price of its actual value a lot, just like a long time consumers try wearing a bracelet broken as a result, the list price is 300000, the actual appraisal price only 180000, so is a windfall.

Colored gems: you can buy but don't hold your breath

In the past for a long time, the mall has been selling gold, silver and jade, most of which are a category of diamonds.However, in recent years, with the increasing demand of consumption, some special cases are now sold with colored gemstones, and the friends who love colorful treasures have finally got the purchase channel.

Followed by choi bao jewelry items are similar, like jewelry, in the image below if the brand on it, that some people won't doubt, because each design is about the same, there is no brand characteristics.

So, colored gems can buy in the mall, but don't expect to appreciate, after all, carat number is small, can be simply worn, usually equipped with a certificate, to fit in with the colored gems entry-level players.

The international famous brands, however, is another matter, the brand design would have their own style, but the only drawback is price is too high, not every people can afford.

Diamond: the risk counter is reliable

Now more and more people like to wear a diamond, it has become a jewelry item essential to women marry, regardless of 30 to 50 points or 1 carat 2 carat, as long as not particularly exaggerated "pigeon egg", a conventional diamond shop can be satisfied.

Shop counters diamond shop, goods are generally not false, but it is also equipped with a certificate, the only drawback is there will always be some general quality diamond with among them, many people don't know how you look at it, so will buy expensive.

Also note that the more big brands of diamond, the higher the price will be, may be the quality of the diamond there's not much difference, but is because of the added value of brands in that, so is more expensive than ordinary brand,

Gold and silver: it's best to buy it in a gold store

The most valuable piece of jewelry to be purchased at a shopping mall is gold and silver, because there is no better channel to choose from (do you believe it?).To be stable, and the price of gold and silver every real-time gold shop is open, not how much money, usually in 300 yuan/grams of floating up and down, so there is no the pit.

If in order to hold value, it is better to buy the full gold, later can be recovered, like K gold and so on not very have the effect of preserving value.

This article is provided by the direct selling manufacturer of all road jewelry display counters: 20 years of jewelry display counter design experience, which will help you to quickly enhance brand value.

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