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The jewelry display cabinet design and the display ark production nine key points!

Source:深圳珠宝展柜厂    Author:凡路商业展柜    Visit:618    Pubtime:2017-11-27 10:08:31

Nowadays, modern people's pursuit of quality life is getting higher and higher, so the ornament of external decoration is more thoughtful, which also leads to the development of jewelry industry.

The business of the jewelry store is directly facing the customers. It is necessary to pay more attention to detail in the normal operation, so as to bring good business to the shop.For those who want to open a jewelry store, it is also very important to design the display cabinet, and share the nine key points of the jewelry display.

Nine key points for jewelry display design:

1. Define brand positioning (age, occupation, style, price, variety, etc.) and pursue the cultural environment of self (brand).

2. Grasp the trend of consumption shopping and disseminate brand visual information (window, shape tension, etc.)

3. Reasonable distribution of display cabinets valid space, and the consumer naturally enters the brand space and selects the jewelry products of her own.

Four, build comfortable atmosphere, display ark and the store are integrated.Even a wall painting, a chair, a negotiating table will make consumers feel good and warm.

Five, under light use, different items with different lighting, if jade suit warm light, diamond for blue and white lights, jewelry display add color foil, achieve better display effect.

6. Ornament goods, props, etc., must conform to the brand environmental demands, better not rot;Have hue (color) decorations, pay attention to coordination or contrast difference.Colorless phase accessories, attention texture.

7. The overall decoration is simple and varied, from the top of the roof, the side wall, the window, tightly around the brand positioning, brand labeling...The idea and the suggestion that when you enter into its world, it will be deeply affected by the warm atmosphere everywhere.

8. Display cabinet display props, abundant and not complicated, simple but not empty, tangible and whole, change and order.

9. Construction safety, fine workmanship, reasonable assembly, no hidden trouble.

This article is provided by the direct selling manufacturer of all road jewelry display cabinets: 20 years of experience in display cabinet design for jewelry stores, which will help you to improve your brand value quickly.

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