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The display cabinet is customized, your dream shop will be started by the jewelry display cabinet!

Source:深圳珠宝展柜厂    Author:凡路商业展柜    Visit:618    Pubtime:2017-11-27 10:17:08

 custom is in the major of the marketing environment, its forerunner, promoters, people first, to be familiar with the household building materials market of each brand is customized furniture stores.Custom products from the early wardrobe to today's cabinet, shoe cabinet, wine cabinet, TV cabinet, computer desk, porch cabinet, etc., and then the whole house customization.What is a full house customization?It's all the furniture you need in your home that can be customized.The materials used to customize the products are also made from early decorative panels, granule boards and density boards to today's solid wood and log.In the first two years of the blockbuster film "private customized", some enterprises from all walks of life have taken advantage of the situation to promote and leverage, and simultaneously call themselves clients' private customized enterprises.For a long time, the word custom has become a flood of grief.

Originally, custom is high grade, high quality pronoun, sound high-end.Be used to the customer initial contact with quantitative product is not used to, some is afraid, can be too expensive?The heart is alert, the consumption is not so bold.Real consumption, instead a bit "look at the way, the near warm" meaning, is no more expensive than quantitative products, service and quality are much better.It seems to feel good and comfortable everywhere.

Custom has "come sample customization" and "see map customization".The sample customization is the same as the sample copy;The drawing customization is based on the drawing, the drawing is the basis of production.Different drawings produce different products to meet different customer needs.We often say that the image customization, it is to say that professional designers use their own professional aesthetic to combine customers' preferences to design customers' desired and favorite products.Of course, drawing is the intuition of the designer's wisdom, the level of the designer is particularly important.

As cases to custom, all our products are personalized, no uniform standard, if is bound to find a standard is a standard, there is no standard, or fully meet the personalized needs of customers is the standard.It is also possible to interpret standards as strict controls on quality and services, and should not be seen as a standard for customised products, but rather as a standard for operating an enterprise.Isn't it?Any company that has integrity should be strict with quality and service.

When it comes to customizing your product, you're right. Why?Because it's one-to-one customization.Take our custom display case, one shop and one production.Each shop size, the style is different, some of the edge material cannot be A store to use B shop, the material cannot make full use of, cause material cost to increase.A designer serves a client who works hard to design a solution that can't be replicated on another customer;When one project is over, another project is still going to start again.The time and energy of a designer is limited -- only two or three clients can be served, and the increase of customers will inevitably require the increase of designers, resulting in an increase in labor costs.Each project needs to be fully communicated with the customer, and the time cost is naturally high.

Communication drawings generally need about 3 days, the drawing finalized into production, it takes about two weeks to produce, plus the installation time, complete a project basically need 15 days or so, the project is slightly larger, longer needed.Time, manpower, and material costs determine the price of a customized product, not counting the equipment and the skilled labor and plant costs of the various devices.To say that custom products are expensive, not to be wronged, and so called expensive, is only compared to quantitative products.

Your price is a reflection of your value.The high added value of custom products is now easy to understand, for example, if you think about it for a long time, or calculate it, it seems that all the examples are redundant, you know.

This article is provided by the direct selling manufacturer of all road jewelry display cabinets: 20 years of experience in display cabinet design for jewelry stores, which will help you to improve your brand value quickly.

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