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The jewelry display industry needs

Source:Funroad Exhibition & Display    Author:Admin    Visit:243    Pubtime:2017-06-19 11:25:37
I've read some articles in the previous paragraph about how the low-end manufacturing industry is.Length is a little long, did not ponder, but most still finished and know what is about, if want to fully understand, probably still some unfinished, the inside of the "unity" these four words to me very impressive, deeply remember.
It is a kind of idea, an attitude!To the enterprise, to the product, is a kind of quality consciousness, craftsman spirit manifests!
Just like our jewelry industry, exhibiting ark each batch counter what to do, see see, communication, but to let customer satisfaction, make it not just can handle it!
For example, the difference between baking paint and spray paint!
The counter of the lacquer that bake, as a kind of fashion, high cost performance, exhibiting ark has been a lot of brand customers preferred, but not many clients are those really understand painting and painting.
A, process.Baking lacquer: the base material is made three times of the ground lacquer, four times lacquer, each one is painted, put into the dustless room, bake.Spray paint: the ground material is worn by the wool, the paint is sprayed on the top, air dried naturally.
Second, the paint film.How to do it: use your hand to touch the edges of the door of the grill.Baking paint: the edges are smooth and the colors are the same.The paint film is uniform and full of color.Spray paint: the corners are rough and the color is lighter than the door.It is proved that the paint film is not uniform, the colour is not full.
Third, grain.What to do: compare the light, see the surface of the surface of the baking paint, and whether there is an orange peel phenomenon.Baking paint: the surface of the door is smooth, unlined, orange peel phenomenon.Spray paint: the surface of the door is lined, not smooth, with orange peel phenomenon.
Fourth, surface.How to: use your hand to touch the surface of the door of the baking paint.Baking paint: the surface of the door is flat and smooth.Spray paint: the surface of the door is covered in particulates, not smooth, and the touch is different.
Five, the wear-resisting.Practice: hit with a hard object.Baking paint: no abnormal condition, no damage to the paint film.Spray paint: there is a crack, the severe paint film falls off, and the white skin is removed.
These are all, the low end of the display case is largely nonexistent, The Times have changed, everyone has higher demand, cannot catch up the pace of The Times, can only be eliminated.Every road decoration 13 years experience, our philosophy is to clients for the purpose of the image of our jobs "to make your products sell better, let's create beautiful tomorrow together!
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