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The display cabinet decorates the design quality

Source:Funroad Exhibition & Display    Author:Admin    Visit:242    Pubtime:2020-09-16 09:46:02

    display products.The appearance is elegant and elegant, the function is strong, and has the obvious advertisement effect to achieve the better profit objective, the brand product provides the better sales platform.And in all cases and cases and design play a very important role in the process of producing, exhibiting ark design assignments as decoration of the house interior design and manufacturing, under the design requirements of the thinking of visual effect, can to each big stores the time for consumers to shine at the moment, aroused consumer desire, to highlight the visual effect, is the bright point of outstanding products.

Is there are many kinds of exhibiting ark, classification usually jewelry shelves and high-grade storefront, refinement, they can be divided into clothing and jewelry cases and exhibiting ark, etc. There will be a lot of goods required storefront, then about jewelry display ark design.The jewelry display case is designed to allow the audience to receive information most effectively in a finite space of time.Therefore, the jewelry display case is designed around how to effectively improve the power and quality of the activity.In addition to the design of the environment itself, the design of the display of the target design is also an important part of the jewelry display case design.Therefore, in addition to the fundamental law of general spatial design, it is the basic premise that the visual physiology and psychological processes are the design of jewelry display cases.The use of lines, curves, circles, triangles and rectangles is the most fundamental design visual element.The line is in sight is the most seen phenomenon, also is the jewelry display ark design USES one of the most extensive visual elements, use the proper line, can have clear visual effect.Using the proper curve in the presentation, it will be able to make a full effect, create a rhythm and rhythm modification, and change the cold and severe atmosphere formed by the pure line.

From the point of view of geometry, the circle is a curve surrounded by a series of curves, and each point is the same as the center of the shape.From the point of view of the jewelry display case, the shape of the circle is often used in the wrong way, so it is not only the solid disk, but also the hollow ring.The application of the original form should enable the various parts of the whole to be effectively reconciled.The use of the form such as triangles or cone-shaped conical shapes can be used in the design of jewelry display cases.In the composition, a group of asymmetrical triangles is usually placed in an asymmetrical triangle group, which is altered by a rich and Syrian change.In the present rectangle, the practice is two kinds of shapes, namely the rectangle and the square, the different area, the volume rectangle and the organic combination of the cube, can form innumerable kinds of changes.This is one of the most common approaches to show practice.

Storefront design is needs the overall design and manufacturing, involves the design requirements Has the special, shine at the moment, merchants and consumers must outstanding visual effect, different cases and has different design ideas and design methods, stylist is in design plan for using time-division preferential treatment, also want to make more plans characteristic of outstanding cases.

Say, innovation is the most important is because too much throughout the goods collection, mostly people already aesthetic fatigue, if something new can attract our eye out, only commodities have been looking forward to, also not afraid of couldn't do the results?

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