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The jewelry store display counter's construction line!

Source:深圳展柜厂    Author:凡路商业展柜    Visit:556    Pubtime:2018-03-13 09:39:10

1, the whole shop decoration market jewelry shelves manufacturing structure, its shape and structure can't change, this kind of jewelry shelves in prophase extended contrast, jewelry cases, of course, when you don't need to pull down made jewelry cases and combined with material from the beginning;

2. The manufacturing structure of the matching mall display cabinet is made by combining the five side cabinets with the same size, and then randomly combining these cabinets to form a lively exhibition area;, of course, also can be made into different height, intrusive free combination of square ark, because of the ark as long as five, during which a vacant face to the small store shelves into larger store cabinet, storage facilities;

3. Some abbreviated mall display cases are called: horizontal plane, three-dimensional jewelry display cabinet, and some merchants' products are called running water table;The height above 2m is usually called the high cabinet;The display case that the cosmetics has a variety of functions together is called cosmetics combinatorial ark, still have a few back ark, front ark, cashier desk, image wall, stereo mount, middle island ark and so on;

4, the first accessories plug after the store shelves manufacturing: from different shapes of intrusive plank and combination together, after splicing methods typically have their tank, tank plate horizontal plate, screen, etc.;

5, able to fold the types of store shelves manufacturing can folding cases and contrast image analogy is just like is the book can fold and large cases to fold into a small area of the amount of space, convenient transport and storage to take up the space is little;

6. The manufacturing type of the telescoping mall display cabinet, such as the yilabao, etc.;

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