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The main components of the high - end customized titanium jewelry display cabinet are introduced.

Source:深圳凡路珠宝展柜    Author:凡路商业展柜    Visit:551    Pubtime:2018-03-09 13:41:39

Shenzhen where road company to introduce a lot of knowledge about cases and, indeed, cases to apply in the current business very much, almost every shop storefront is used to display goods, attract more customers to visit purchase, cases and is one of the important factors in the commodity clinch a deal.

Every road today and everyone talk about the titanium alloy jewelry display case, with the solid wood jewelry display case, the lacquer jewelry exhibition cabinet material is different.Titanium alloy display cabinet mainly consists of three parts: titanium alloy main frame, melamine decoration panel and glass.Titanium alloy material: titanium alloy is also called aluminum titanium alloy, mainly made of aluminum, and the appearance is processed with titanium powder.Melamine decoration panel: melamine decoration panel is also known as high density board.The main application in various display cases, exhibition racks, is the most commonly used market plate.The surface of the plate is formed by the high temperature film compression, which has the characteristics of no adhesive, flat, smooth, durable and waterproof.

This article provided by shenzhen jewelry display ark every road direct manufacturer: 20 years design experience in jewelry store display case, help you to rapidly promote the brand value in 2018.

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