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The technology of lacquer jewelry exhibition ark is popularized!

Source:深圳珠宝展柜厂家    Author:凡路商业展柜    Visit:559    Pubtime:2018-03-09 13:36:20

The technology of lacquer jewelry display cabinet is popularized:

On the material, the paint is on both sides, and each side is to be baked in the baking oven.The spray paint only needs two sides and then natural air drying is good, so these two kinds of paint materials on the paint will be more than spray paint.

Artificial, extra two working procedure that it was more than a lot of time, now the paint artificial one hour is dozens of pieces, some time the lacquer that bake more casually will increase costs, but also for the production of woodworking request is higher, if there is a nail eyes that paint is also hard to do, so is the chef, the big teacher salary is also very high.

Devices, not all cases to manufacturers now have a room of the lacquer that bake, a room of the lacquer that bake down to tens of thousands of pieces, so that the above equipment compared to prices is to increase the wastage of the equipment, the cost of natural increase, any of the lacquer that bake is better than spray paint price is high, but the customer is not willing to pay a high price for a product, and now paint spraying technology is good, and the difference is not very big difference on the surface of the lacquer that bake, under the most main is the surface, the surface look beautiful basically is no problem.

Customer demand is the main cause of the lacquer that bake is less than the spray paint on the market, many customers say oh I want to be the lacquer that bake, offer after the said oh you how so expensive, the somebody else so-and-so is the lacquer that bake is not so expensive, do you really have to know?He is really doing the lacquer that bake?Such phenomenon after long period of time, there is no special care and painting of the lacquer that bake, unless there are special requirements that must be the lacquer that bake, but also the professional personnel to factory inspection, or are directly spray paint, customer said that is the lacquer that bake of the lacquer that bake, everyone in the mind all understand not to care about this thing, so now also become the lacquer that bake paint.

What can't see the essence of the difference between painting and painting, now in the majority, most of them are painted above market but a lot of people think is the lacquer that bake, what reason?In front of me has said that the difference of painting and painting, but now of painting technology is also very good, if not professional personnel is the substantial difference between the resolution not to come out of the lacquer that bake and spray paint, these are all look not to come out, can only say than painting looks of the lacquer that bake to the full, but not everyone can see what is full of what is not full, this is not two put together the actual material contrast and professionals in explanation is the ultimate resolution not to come out, the customer requirements are now affordable quality is good, the price of the lacquer that bake than spraying high several hundred yuan per meter, if you want to make a few hundred meters cases and so on the total price will be more than tens of thousands of pieces, so many clients can choose paint, so that make the lacquer that bake less slowly.

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