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The reason that lacquer jewelry exhibition ark is more expensive than lacquer jewelry display case.

Source:深圳珠宝展柜厂    Author:凡路商业展柜    Visit:544    Pubtime:2018-01-16 09:41:36

Why is the price of the lacquer jewelry booth more expensive than the spray booth?All things are expensive, the effect of the lacquer display cabinet can not be compared with the jewelry display case, which can be compared from the following aspects:

1. Comparison on grain lines:

1. Baking varnish: 1 smooth, unlined.2. Spray paint: the outer 1 table is not smooth and has grain.

Two: appearance comparison.

1. Baking varnish: 1 table is flat and smooth.2. Spray paint: surface 1 has particles, not smooth.

Iii. Quality comparison:

1. Baking varnish: no abnormal condition, no damage to paint film 1.2. Spray paint: there are cracks, the serious paint film falls off, and the white skin is dropped.

Iv. Technical comparison:

1. Baking varnish: every time the paint is painted, it is sent to a clean room for baking.2: spray paint: dry from 1.

5. Comparison on paint film:

1. Baking varnish: angular 1 is smooth, the paint film is uniform, the color is plump.2. Spray paint: the edges and corners are rough, the paint film is uneven, and the color is not full.

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