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The role of jewelry cabinets on exhibitions

Source:Funroad Exhibition & Display    Author:Admin    Visit:50    Pubtime:2021-06-19 16:24:21
Jewelry display cabinets stop the layout of the exhibition environment and venue space. Based on the solution of the three-dimensional and planar layout, combined with the display content and embodiment mode, as well as the existing construction and style of the exhibition venue, determine the lighting mode and the organization and construction of the entire space Think about the environment of the coordinated space, etc. It is also necessary to continuously draw new external content from the examples of Victory Brands around to lack and grow the exterior of the painting and display. This will not only receive a steady stream of practical results from the shopping malls, but it will also be unable to promote the promotion of the entire brand in terms of abstraction, culture, and quality. It not only affects the theoretical interests of the brand, but also whether or not the design of the store space is triumphant or not. And it is also related to the growth and extension of the brand. On the other hand, the depiction and decoration of jewelry display cabinets not only reflect the characteristics of brand management, but the jewelry display cabinets also confess the brand's commonality, philosophy and humanistic concepts at different levels.

1. The function of performance in the space design directly affects the service of the space.

2. The positioning of the dressing brand in the dressing space design, the design grade of the jewelry display cabinet, and the extended popular features all directly affect the spatial abstraction.

3. The design of the store's condition must be lacking and be able to express the style of the brand. And can stop the blending well, the jewelry display cabinet directly affects the success or failure of brand operations.

4. Uniquely study the design features and brand abstract features of the cabinet with the operator, refer to and compare the design thoughts and creativity, whether it can be reconciled (theme color, lighting and color temperature), whether it has visual impact, and put forward suggestions for connection with the cabinet Sexual program.

5. The connection between the operation concept and the design concept in the dressing space design directly affects the space positioning.

6. On-site specific survey and investigation to the operator to understand the spatial position of the cabinet and the hardware environment characteristics of the construction structure, equipment (sky, ground, wall, column, lighting, ventilation, passage, stairs, etc.). This ineffective application of three-dimensional and space to design cabinets stops displaying products, attracting customers and showing brand abstraction, and provides design foundation.
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