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Four Standards for Jewelry Cabinet Design in Jewelry Stores

Source:Funroad Exhibition & Display    Author:Admin    Visit:50    Pubtime:2021-06-19 17:02:24
1. Concise
Jewelry cabinets are usually to quickly catch people's attention, and the layout of the jewelry display cabinets should be refined, generous, and beautiful. How to attract attention and generate hobbies among people walking in a hurry. The layout of the display counters is too complicated and casually reduces the working efficiency of the workers. The display of the items on the cabinet must be known at a glance, so that customers can quickly find the products they need. Refined and clear is a quick way to attract the audience. Pictures and texts should be clear, refined, and generous. The decoration of the jewelry cabinet and the items on display should be added as little as possible.

2. Neat
Many cabinets are designed in a disorganized manner, including layout, lighting, colors, exhibits, exhibits and other components. A good cabinet design links these elements together, so as to achieve a good effect for advocating the company and the company's products.

3. Theme
When designing a cabinet, it is necessary to understand that each period of conveying information has a theme, and how to convey the content of this theme to the producers and attract the producers' hobbies.

4. Focus
The focus of the cabinet must be able to attract the center. However, this focus is on special products, new products, primary products, favored products or products that are used as mobile products. The adjustment of effects such as settlement, lighting, and jewelry cabinet colors will be required. The focus of expression is displayed.
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