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The status quo of jewelry counter market

Source:Funroad Exhibition & Display    Author:Admin    Visit:412    Pubtime:2019-03-19 10:35:08
Jewelry exhibition industry has formed a preliminary scale, Guangdong Shenzhen alone has gathered a large number of manufacturers, including the hong kong brand. In terms of quantity, there are many companies and websites are operating jewelry packaging, but from the development, it also appears extremely immature, mainly in the variety of single, design backward, lack of industry standards and so on a series of problems.

Although new materials and new technologies provide new space for jewelry packaging design, such as resin, PVC, polyurethane, pu imitation leather, various new paper ( goffered paper, grainy paper, etc. ) are used. However, throughout the market of jewelry packaging products, the design reflects the problems such as the lack of visual impact, the lack of diversity of forms and functions, and the serious imitation between each other.

There is an urgent need to enrich the packaging types in the market. every year, most of the jewelry displays of the jewelry display display products are from enterprises in hong kong, Guangdong and Zhejiang. the quality of the display is dominated by the jewelry box, and the style and modeling of the exhibits are basically similar, which seems to be incompatible with the growing aesthetic needs of the growing jewelry market and consumers.

The packaging of jade jewelry is not optimistic, in many jewelry wholesale market, low - grade flower pieces, banzhi, play with the packaging and so on, even tens of thousands of a pair of a goods bracelet mostly only with red paper simple package. In the retail market, the traditional packaging of jade, jade, pearl is also relatively single. There are three main reasons for this situation:

1. the whole modern jewelry industry started late

The public demand for jewelry has long remained at the level of maintenance, because jewelry is a luxury goods, only in the rapid economic development, people's life is relatively rich will have a larger market. In the past ten years, China's jewelry industry has begun to show vitality, driven by reform and opening up, the market in the south is more active than in the north.

Jewelry as the category of arts and crafts has a long history, after the 20th century, with the various changes in the art world, many traditional arts and crafts gradually to the modern design transformation, jewelry has also been affected. The modern jewelry industry is distinguished from the traditional prominent symbol is the enterprise production instead of workshop production, design and processing separation, the production process is subdivided into quantitative. The modern jewelry design in China began in the 1990s.

Before this, there is no professional jewelry designer, jewelry style is mainly to the foreign style of imitation and modification. In the late 1990s, with the opening and construction of jewelry design professional, studio, the situation has changed a lot. The jewelry design as a professional in the university, not only different from the traditional jewelry industry and apprenticeship handicraft mode, make it gradually closer to the modern design, and also marked the birth of jewelry designer this new career in China.

From the time, the modern jewelry industry is very young, the whole started relatively late, corresponding with the matching of jewelry products has not attracted widespread attention in the industry. In addition, because of the uniqueness of jewelry itself, the transformation from arts and crafts to modern design is not thorough, restricted by the traditional processing mode, many links still need to be done manually, too much reliance on labor - intensive production has led to the low degree of design modernization of jewelry and its supporting industry.

2. the industry is relatively small

In addition to a few large jewelry counters in China, the scale of jewelry factory is generally small, and the conditions are limited that they can not own their own packaging designers, or specially for some kind of jewelry custom packaging. Manufacturers and dealers usually buy packaged products directly, which can effectively reduce the cost, but it is easy to cause the distortion of jewelry products and packaging in the shape of integration and style.

At present, the jewelry packaging in the market can be divided into five categories, namely hard box, soft bag, card, tray, props, they are mainly from small packaging companies, because of small scale, lack of funds, the design investment is not enough. For a long time, jewelry packaging and gift packaging adulteration, sometimes with each other, some jewelry packaging factory directly from the gift packaging factory, some are in the main gift packaging and do jewelry packaging, industry lack of norms and standards.

3. the traditional marketing mode and concept do not attach importance to the brand image promotion, thus ignoring the value of packaging

Jewelry a special commodity, because its raw materials are very expensive, so in the traditional marketing mode and concept, the light of raw materials often cover up the value of style, technology, brand and so on. When the market is not mature, for the ordinary consumers who lack the identification experience, " the real price" seems more convincing than the brand, consumers value the " gold content" of jewelry more.
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