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The selection and layout of switches and sockets during the design and production of the display is also a college question!

Source:深圳珠宝展柜厂家    Author:凡路商业展柜    Visit:556    Pubtime:2018-01-25 10:15:31

Shenzhen storefront design display props design and production, the switch and outlet is the component of form a complete circuit, then the lamps and lanterns of good without the control of switch socket, the lamps and lanterns is an adornment, don't use.Switches and sockets are like Bridges in a circuit system, and are essential for the use of electrical appliances and lamps.What principles should we follow for the installation of the switch socket?

The effect of the display prop is affected by the light loading switch, and there is a hidden danger. Therefore, the Ming load switch is gradually eliminated in the production of the exhibition cabinet in shenzhen.Instead, the switch is dark.The distance between the dark install switch is 1.2~1.5m, and the distance from the door frame is generally 10~20cm. The position of the switch should correspond to the position of the lamp position, and the switch installation height should be consistent in the same room.In switch after the installation must check to see if a short circuit, switch installation place whether fever, electric switch power test, after inspection and before using, be sure to avoid the occurrence of leakage phenomenon.

Installation requirements of socket:

1. The height of the installation of the bright installation socket is generally 1.5--1.8m, and the concealed socket shall not be less than 0.3m.If you have children at home, choose a safe socket with an insurance cover to prevent the child from touching or touching the socket with your finger.

2. The installation wiring of the single-phase two-hole socket shall be zero when the hole is in vertical alignment, and the horizontal alignment shall be the left zero right fire.

3, the installation of single phase three hole socket connection, the top hole for the earthing hole, must with the ground wire connect in mind, absolutely can't pick up, for the rest of the two hole left zero right fire, everybody need to be aware of is the zero line and grounding line cannot meet or mistake.

4. The distance between strong and weak sockets should be kept above 30cm, avoiding close proximity.

5. Electrical appliances with high power such as TV and air conditioner should use independent, protected and grounded three-hole sockets.

People often say that electricity eating tigers, electricity, we can't see the existence of the dangers of electricity is also very big, the body can withstand the maximum voltage is 36 v, voltage were greater than the number of family life, so the danger of electricity everywhere, so we have for household electric devices and switch must be the greatest protection.

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