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Wooden display cabinet practice and painting construction process and process of popular science.

Source:深圳珠宝展柜厂家    Author:凡路商业展柜    Visit:566    Pubtime:2018-01-26 09:56:24

Wooden display case, display of commodity display, is the most widely used class.Here, we introduce the relevant knowledge about the wooden display case and its paint finish.The weight of carpentry in the decoration industry.Many owners, including the owner of the factory and the home decoration, everyone will consider the carpentry process level, as a decoration company's basic technology level.In the decoration industry so, so in the wooden display of the main display props production industry is not to say more!For different purpose and structure of props, there will be different construction techniques. For example, there will be several different schemes for the production of woodworking.

Plan 1: use density board structure, veneer veneer.

Plan 2: use the density board structure, exterior make the paint finish.

Plan 3: use large core board structure, external brush mixed oil finish.

Plan 4: use the large core board structure, the exterior trim panel and varnish.

Plan 5: solid wood structure, varnish or mixed oil.From the above five approaches, it is theoretically possible, but the cost is very different.The cost of programme 3 is probably more than double the cost of the scheme, and the difference in design is even lower.

In this case, we do not pay much attention to the production process of each material. We only make the following brief introduction to the application process of different boards:

Main plank technology.

1. Density board technology.Density board can be divided into high density board, medium density board and low density board.Most of the use is in the middle.When you combine, you tend to do a pretty good job.Density board surface smooth, not easy deformation and cracking, through mechanical engraving processing, and can make various meets the requirements of shape and structure, so the density board is now under production industry the most used a base material.But the density board is not without defect, the weight and the expansion of the big is its biggest shortcoming, easy to expand after the water, almost impossible.

2. Large core board structure.The big core board is the popular material at present, and it is the decoration company.The heart material of big heart board has certain strength, when the dimension is quite small, the effect of using big core board is better than other artificial board.And, of course, the big core board construction technology and construction technology of modern woodworking is basically consistent, its construction is convenient, fast is introduced in this paper, the cost is relatively the most furniture factory and professional company (such as kitchen utensils company).This process relies on machine suppression, and the possibility of site construction is almost zero.Accordingly, decorate a company rarely to use.3. The thin core board is available as early as the core board.It is the more traditional material of modern woodworking craft.Thin core plate strength, good bending performance.In many decoration projects, it is competent for relevant roles, and in some structural parts that need to be supported, the deformation of the thin core board may increase.Therefore, the thin core board is not suitable for the single - sided parts, such as the cabinet door.

3. Solid wood planks are traditional practices.Because there are so many kinds of wood, the difference in effect is great, but it is similar in process.Solid wood board has the advantages of good bending resistance, high strength, durability and good decorative effect.Solid wood practice USES traditional craft, rarely use nail, glue and so on.The skills required for woodworking workers are high, and woodworking without formal training will be more intense with a thin core board.The 9 per cent plate in the core board is necessary for many engineering projects.Thin core board and big core board are same, basically use nail to connect technology, same also can simple stick pressure.The main drawback of the thin core board is that its own stability is worse than the other plates, which is caused by the consistency difference of the core material, which is not suitable for this kind of work.Solid wood plate before use, should be cooked and dried to kill insects and drying treatment.The use of these woods without treatment will lead to pests (mainly termites).

2. Some matters needing attention in woodworking process.

1. Nail eye treatment.Nail eye treatment is technically in the category of painters.As the saying goes, "three beauties, seven dresses."The applicability of this sentence in woodworking board also needs to carry out strict choice.First of all, it is necessary to make the correct choice for the relevant parts of the board, for example, the plate of the supporting parts such as bookshelf can choose the thin core board.Secondly, the quality of the plates concerned must also be controlled.For example, the embodiment of the detailed work is more typical.Now most of the decoration USES reprocessing board, the construction USES the process such as the nail, how to deal with these nail eyes becomes a prominent problem.This requires a very strict attitude towards the color of the putty, and try to make the color of the match to be basically the same as the wood surface, so as to cover up these shortcomings.The same treatment applies to tree nodes, tree scars.

2. Selection of plates.Choose a solid wood or trim panel with a good surface.And you use mixed oil, so only need to choose common plank can.It's a waste of money.Paint construction process paint is a very common project in the decoration, in the industry even there are "three point carpentry seven cent lacquer" say.The quality of the paint is the first factor of quality.This not only requires the selection of the quality of the board, but also the quality of the core board is various, the difference is very far.

3. Selection of finishing process.Different boards require different finishes.For example, the solid wood and trim panel with beautiful texture can be used for varnish.And the texture is inferior solid plank or do not have the ordinary plywood face of the panel, then need to use mixed oil.Again, the reverse corollary, if you use varnish, you should be in a very important position.

We have finished the process of sheet metal processing, and we have listed the paint processing procedures used by the author for your reference.

1. Wood lacquer 1. Varnish technology.

1) coloring oil or toning oil (note: only works with color change requirements, which are not required for ordinary engineering.)

2) if the original color is to be cleaned, the surface must be cleaned immediately after the material is purchased and the first protective primer shall be inserted immediately.Primer is generally used with topcoat.Varnish finish must be treated before the wall paint.

3) remove dust and dirt on the surface of the wood.Brush varnish protection primer (this is the first step if there is no one working procedure)

4) use sandpaper to light the surface of the board or wood.

5) brush the first coat.

6) after drying, the mixture of color powder, cooked gelatine powder and double fly powder will be used to make the putty to cover up the eyes and scar, so as to make the same color.

7) after dry, use fine sandpaper to polish the rough part of the toner, which is very important, and make sure to light the surface.

8) brush the paint.

9) polish the sandpaper after drying.

10) brush the paint (that is, once you have finished the paint, add the fine sandpaper, and so on.If there is a special primer, change the first coat to a special primer.

11) wet the surface of the wood and then rub the surface with sandpaper.

12) paint the last time.Generally speaking, calculate the last lacquer, need to brush lacquer to be about 4 to 8 times to be able to have better effect.The more the paint, the better, but generally not more than 10 times.In wet weather construction, the paint film will have a white phenomenon, the appropriate dilution of 10~ 15% of the nitromagnetization white water can be eliminated.

2. Oil blending technology.

1) remove dust and dirt on the surface of the wood.

2) use pig's blood ash and double fly powder to mix the surface of the wood.

3) use sandpaper after drying.

4) brush the first coat.

5) the defects.

6) polish it with sandpaper after drying.

7) brush the second coat.

8) use sandpaper after drying.

9) paint the third time.Generally speaking, it is advisable to mix oil for two to three times.

Iii. Precautions:

1. Construction of paint shall be carried out within the indoor temperature required by the product.Different products, different temperature requirements,

2. Each procedure shall ensure that the dry transparent side performs the second procedure.

3. Paint with the same matrix, do not mix the different types of paint, so as to avoid adverse reactions.

4. Safety measures should be taken during construction, such as masks.

5. Keep indoor ventilation in case of poisoning.

6. When using a certain corrosive paint, such as water, the rubber gloves should be carried.Paint treatment.

7. Do not smoke or use open fire in the construction site in case of fire or explosion.

8. Avoid forced construction in high wet or cold conditions.

9. There is a gap between ceiling ceiling or wooden partition that needs to be disseminated, which can be treated with atomic ash and then labeled with high quality anti-crack tape;The cracks in the wall can be scraped open and filled in gypsum for treatment, and then the quality anti-cracking tape is affixed.And then the face layer!

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