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The store has no passengers? Use the showcase to create the atmosphere of the store!

Source:凡路展柜定制    Author:凡路展柜定制    Visit:66    Pubtime:2018-08-08 17:07:50
Walking on the street, all the major shopping malls and specialty stores are full of eyes. When you walk into a store, you don’t see the quality of the product. At first glance, it is its display cabinet. From the quality of the display cabinet, the store looks at the store. Product grades. Funroad Jewelry Showcase gives you tips on how to use the showcase to create a store atmosphere.

What are the design elements of the showcase?

The props of the showcase carries the props of the merchandise display, just like the furniture in the family. It is necessary not only to place as much clothing as possible, but also to have the personality and affinity, to express the cultural level and style of a family, and to express the economics of a family. Strength, and the same is true for the mall showcase design.

When you visit the mall, you will find that some shopping malls are like a rainbow, and the shoulders are connected; some are cold and car-free in front of the door, no one cares. This is all related to the core of the mall, the planning atmosphere, the lighting effect, and it is also closely related to the showcase. How to use the showcase to create the atmosphere of the store?

The showcase is like a green leaf to the product. If it doesn't set off the core well, it will not attract consumers.

For example, on the first floor of the mall, there will be some jewellery, gold and silver jewellery, watches, etc., which will generally attract some high-end consumers. The demand for these target groups will be higher, and should not be lost in the selection process of the showcase. Under the conditions of the core of the shop, it is suitable to match its taste, using a deep red tone, with a bright metal display cabinet to set off the high taste of the product, then the overall color of the showcase, the main color style, red orange and other warm colors will first The mind gives a warm feeling, blue and purple and other cool colors are prone to tightness, black solemn, white and fresh and elegant.

What kind of products are displayed, and what kind of style showcases are used to set off the background. Only by creating a good store atmosphere can we attract more customers, increase the flow of people, bring volume to the products, and increase the sales volume.

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