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The watch display cabinet is the most extensive use of the straight line.

Source:手表展示柜台厂家     Author:深圳凡路展柜    Visit:638    Pubtime:2017-11-10 09:39:59

When the watch booth is made, it is important to consider that the collection of display products will form a variety of visual factors, which will influence the vision to varying degrees.The way human beings observe things has a certain commonness, and the study of these common characteristics is the basic starting point of our study of visual laws.Recent researches on visual psychology and artistic psychology have made great progress, and the results of these aspects are widely used in the design of modern exhibition.Based on the commonality in the aspect of visual behavior, watch cases and production is a lot of plane composition, three-dimensional construction and principle of color composition, and in cases to make practice formed a relatively complete design principle and law.

The use of the watch display cabinet for straight lines, curves, circles, triangles and rectangles is the most basic design visual element.Straight line is the most common phenomenon in the vision, it is also one of the most widely used visual elements in the production of display cabinet, using the proper line, it will have a clear visual effect.In the display, the proper curve can enrich the overall effect, create the changing effect of rhythm and rhythm, and change the cold and stern atmosphere caused by the simple straight line.From a geometrical point of view, a circle is a shape surrounded by a continuous curve, which is the same distance from the center of the shape.From the perspective of the display cabinet, the circle is a very useful shape. It can be either a solid disk or a hollow ring.The use of the original form should make all parts of the whole being harmonious.The use of the shape such as the triangle or the conical shape can produce a richer visual imagination and contrast effect in the display case.In the composition, a group of triangles of different positions is usually arranged in an asymmetrical triangle group to produce a rich and a Syrian change.

The rectangle in the display is actually two forms, namely rectangle and square, and the combination of rectangle and cube of different area and volume can cause numerous forms of change.This is one of the most common ways of showing reality.

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