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There are several types of popular science mall display cases.

Source:深圳珠宝展柜厂    Author:凡路商业展柜    Visit:607    Pubtime:2017-12-07 09:34:24

Store shelves make counters of different types of structure, look from the jewelry industry exhibiting ark business customers in the store decoration requirements are put forward on the cases and production company is often not knowing the professional nouns or simple expression and cause certain influence to communication, a franchise stores, according to the current sales strategy and to store shelves design, general need this several functions of the cabinet on the decoration and facilities: display, display, storage functions, etc., from this a few facilities under the function of stores store shelves structure types are:

1, the store shelves ready production structure, its shape and structure can't change, this kind of cases and extended in the early stages of a more, cases and, of course, you don't need time can disconnect the integration of the material to make cases;

2. The supporting type of store display cabinet is constructed by combining the five sides of the same size, and then randomly combining these cabinet cabinets to form a more active display area;, of course, also can be made into square ark free combination of height, sizes, because of the ark only five face, one of free surface can be small store shelves in larger store cabinet, convenient storage;

3. Some simple store display cases are called: horizontal three-dimensional display cabinet furnishing some merchants' products, called "water table";The height above 2m is usually called high cabinet;The display ark of the combination of various functions of cosmetics is called cosmetics unit, and there are back cabinets, front cabinets, cash registers, image walls, stereo hangers, zhongdao cabinets and so on.

4, mainly through parts of splice store shelves: made of different shape of the size of plate opening and through the way of splice together, typically have their tank, tank plate horizontal plate, screen, etc.;

5, can make type, folding store shelves can be folded cases to compare image analogy is just like is the book can be folded and widespread cases to fold into a small area of the amount of space, easy to transport, and storage to take up the space is little;

6. The production type of the telescopic mall display case, such as barbao, etc.;

These are the types of construction that are used in shopping mall display.Mainly through the easy-to-understand language of the language of the store display cabinet production or the shop decoration of some of the counter construction types, convenient for customers and display cabinet production companies for communication.

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