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Traditional display cabinets and modern display cases

Source:Funroad Exhibition & Display    Author:Stephen    Visit:1180    Pubtime:2017-05-05 10:17:02

At present, the existing traditional storefront is a graphic display shelves, more show surface tend to only one side.Foil of exhibits and cases to show the effect is limited, and the traditional storefront volume is big, need to take up a very large exhibition area, at the same time, the connecting way of cases and complex, cumbersome installation.The utility model in view of the existing technology in ordinary cases to show surface tend to only one side, foil display effect is limited and the complicated connection way, installing cumbersome shortcomings, provides a more decorative surface, the decorative surface can be a window display products, has a planar space covers an area of small, the advantages of convenient installation of decoration combined cases below.

In order to solve the technical problems, the utility model was solved by the following technical scheme: decorative surface combined cases, including more than one unit, exhibiting ark described under unit includes the first connection column connected to the second column, through the connection between the first connection column connected to the second column profile connection, the first connection between column connected to the second column also has protective plate as well as safety glass.Under unit including two first connection column connected to the two in the second column, through the connection can be connected with the profile, the framework of a rectangular frame can be installed on the protective plate and safety glass, within the framework of exhibits.As optimization, connect the described in the first column has the first guard plate connected edges, connect the second column has the second guard plate connected edges, the first guard board connected to the edge and the second guard connection between protective plate edges.Protection board set on the outer edge of the safety glass, the action of the first layer of protection for safety glass.

Described as a preferred, the safety glass is connected with the first column, the second column connection between through glue bonding.Described as optimization, fitting for the bolt.Because of this practical new type USES the above technical scheme, the significant technical effect: the utility model through setting window on the shelves, with window frame JingZao figure, can to polyhedral display of exhibits, stereo sense is strong, good display effect, at the same time use the protective plate and safe glass, to protect exhibits in the cases and the cases and has the advantages of easy installation.

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