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The jewelry display cabinet functions

Source:Funroad Exhibition & Display    Author:Stephen    Visit:865    Pubtime:2017-05-05 10:15:53

Storefront, is engaged in business activities, no matter size necessary goods stores put appliance, the existing common cases, although color variety, also is only used for placing the goods tools, use simple, not many functions.

The purpose of the utility model is to provide a movable multifunctional purposes, the application of the technical advantages of the LED display effect of storefront, can enhance the commercial use of exhibiting ark function effect, can be placed in indoor or outdoor places more flexible use.Realize a kind of multifunctional mobile shelves, the utility model includes: goods panel 1, LED display board 2, pulley, small cases and 5, 4, reveal frame 6, power line 7.

The goods it has the following characteristics: the panel 1 is composed of piecewise parallel casing connection, and the goods described in the panel 1 described in front is located at the upper casing and LED display panel 2 connections, skeleton of the goods described in item 1 of the parallel groove casing setting, the utility model can be reached a kind of multi-functional mobile shelves (see example for concrete implementation details).To achieve a kind of the utility model can work mobile shelves, can enhance the commercial use of exhibiting ark function effect, can be placed in the indoor or outdoor places more flexible use.


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