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Source:Funroad Exhibition & Display    Author:Admin    Visit:713    Pubtime:2017-06-06 09:50:38

Done under design "must know that a lot of stores and ultimately to the overall effect of the present in front of the public and give a person with different feelings mainly depends on the pros and cons of space design and interior design.So someone is going to ask, what are the common elements in the design of the leather shop and the display case?

In fact, the leather shop and floor design is also to the overall layout, space dynamic flow analysis, the overall cultural expression, material choice, color processing, lighting lighting, cases to choose the aspects such as modelling, to create a distinctive high-end leather shop effect.Today, the ninth round is a place to talk about these elements and the role they play in the display.

First, from the integral space layout, the design of leather goods shop and counter often should plan according to actual store situation.Prepare to design what style, class.You have to have a couple of Spaces, what is the function of these Spaces.To deal with leather hall all sorts of different functions and its role in the whole area allocation of space, so the reasonable, effective and safely division and organization space, it is very heavy.

Secondly, elements of spatial dynamic streamline analysis refers to the leather cases to guide the design of layout and space to satisfy the customers and the convenience of our customers choose and buy property basic requirements, express leather shop space aesthetic taste and artistic value.The layout of leather display ark needs to satisfy the comfort and extensibility of customer activity space, want to consider the convenience and safety of the dimension of various channel space.The service channel is separated from the guest channel, too many cross will reduce the quality of service, good design will separate the guest, the service channel.

In addition, the expression of leather shop brand culture is also a very important factor, customers in the choose and buy at the same time, and let a person easily, and access to cultural and artistic aesthetic feeling, potentially improve leather shop additional services.

Can make use of all kinds of leather shop space design elements such as history and culture, ethnic folk culture to create a cultural atmosphere, the multiple perspectives, multiple viewpoints to excavate the connotation of different cultural style, looking for design inspiration.An environment with a good cultural taste will be greatly affected by customers' improvisation, and the unique space will often attract customers to the store.

Finally, in the choice of ark and space material, colour processing, this also is very important also.To some extent, this can produce certain influence on the vision of the customer, make its heart to achieve the effect of a shock, so that the customer left a deep impression on the whole image of the store.

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