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What are the commonly used wood panels for custom display cabinets?

Source:凡路展柜厂    Author:凡路展柜厂    Visit:222    Pubtime:2019-02-27 17:45:27

Commercial display cabinet, booth manufacturing can not be separated from the main wood: joinery board, multilayer board, integrated board, high-density board, decorative panel and other boards, these wood in the performance of the display cabinet manufacturing, role, as detailed in the following road booth factory explanation:

Integrated board: not easy to deform

This is a kind of burgeoning real wood material, use high grade entrance big diameter log to be processed deeply and become, the board that crisscrossing joins together like the finger.Because craft is different, the environmental protection performance of this kind of board is superior, it is joinery board to allow the 1/8 that contain formaldehyde amount.Look from another hand, this kind of board that wait for real wood to make by American spruce can go up color directly, brush paint, want to leave out a working procedure than joinery board.

Veneer three plywood: rich wood grain

Also known as three plywood and plywood, different layers called different, its advantages and disadvantages mainly see raw materials and wood varieties such as maple three plywood, clear and generous lines;Oak three plywood, straight grain is orderly, show ark to use this material to match to open lacquer processing in making, the effect shows high-grade more.What show the wood grain effect in ark to make now is used basically is face 3 plywood, had stuck very thin real wood face in the factory namely on 3 plywood.Veneer three plywood easy to use, moderate price.

Joinery board: moistureproof effect is good, cannot brush lacquer directly

The center of joinery board is with natural wood strip agglutinate and become core, two sides stick on very thin wood skin, it is to show ark to make one of the mainest materials in making.Can do show the place such as structure of the elevation in ark and wooden door and modelling structure to use, its waterproof performance is good, structural support force is strong.When choosing, want to see its interior lumber, unfavorable and too broken, the crack between lumber is in the joinery board of 3mm left and right sides is advisable.Because the wood grain that the surface shows is not beautiful, brush lacquer directly rarely, want to stick normally face triply.The show ark that makes with its, when adornment waits for wooden implement structure, should pass to use density board to stick after joining, spray paint or stick fire prevention board to be able to achieve good show effect.

Every road shows ark factory to remind: choose lumber to want to see environmental protection above all, according to the regulation, the formaldehyde that market decorates to use lumber releases a quantity to must be less than or be equal to every liter 1.5 milligram, if exceed every liter 5 milligram to be substandard namely.Want to see lumber moisture content next, when lumber moisture content is higher than the balance moisture content of the environment when, lumber can dry shrinkage, can hygroscopic expand conversely.The main reason of wood weathering and deformation is that the moisture content is too high or too low.Finally, when buying, must not only graph is cheap, the material that sells at a low price is the material that shoddily made and formaldehyde exceed bid badly normally, should buy to regular market, had better buy the material that has a brand.

About the custom display cabinet commonly used wooden panels which are introduced here, fan road business exhibition look forward to working with you.

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