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What are the main categories of Exhibition cabinets in large supermarkets?

Source:凡路展柜厂    Author:凡路展柜厂    Visit:243    Pubtime:2019-04-15 17:41:47
With the improvement of living standards, people have a higher desire for daily shopping. With the increasing size of supermarkets, it is necessary to constantly supplement all kinds of daily needs. Therefore, the development of supermarkets has also led to the increasing sales of supermarket display cabinets. Then Funroad showcase will come with us to understand the classification and use of supermarket showcase.

There are many kinds of showcases in supermarkets. According to the size of supermarkets, they can be divided into the following categories:

1. Showcases in large supermarkets (also known as showcases in big stores).

There are plenty of goods on display in the big stores, so the requirement for the load-bearing of the Exhibition cabinets is higher. Its main customers are customers of national stores.

2. Standard supermarket showcase (also known as medium-sized supermarket showcase)

Standard Super Show Cabinet is specially designed for the development of standard supermarkets. It is light and beautiful. It does not have the complicated accessories of large-scale showrooms. Moreover, it has made corresponding adjustments in the display mode, paying more attention to the display effect and humanized display of goods. Its main customers are local chain supermarkets.

3. Convenience Shop Showcase

Convenience store showcase is suitable for convenience stores and cosmetics stores. It is easy to install without tools. The exhibition cabinet is characterized by delicacy, portability, beauty and strong specialization. Its main customers such as: 7-11, Dehui and so on.

Supermarket showcases are mainly divided into:

1. One-sided display cabinet (mainly for wall-side)

2. Double-sided display cabinet

3. End rack (for both ends of a row of double-sided display cabinets)

With the continuous development of the supermarket industry, in order to meet the needs of supermarket display, exhibition cabinet enterprises have developed a series of special exhibition cabinets, such as washing display cabinets, clothing racks, etc.

You can also see the case of all-A material exhibition cabinet project produced by Funroad and Huarun Wanjia, Shenzhen Bay Ole'boutique supermarket, which is a case of all-A material exhibition cabinet production.

This is the introduction of how many kinds of large supermarket display cabinets can be divided into. Funroad Commercial Show is looking forward to cooperating with you.
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