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What's the role of different display cabinets in stores?

Source:凡路展柜厂    Author:凡路展柜厂    Visit:224    Pubtime:2019-04-16 17:43:55
Exhibition cabinets have different shapes and sizes, so what are the functions of different Exhibition cabinets with different sizes and heights? Today, Funroad Exhibition Cabinet is coming to have a chat with you.

High cabinet

Also known as the back cabinet, in the production of the exhibition cabinet height of 180 cm above the exhibition cabinet collectively known as high cabinet. Standing against the wall is called the back cabinet, which needs both sides to display the product is called the double-sided cabinet. Usually, clothing cabinet, leather cabinet and shoe bag cabinet are used more. The general height of the cabinet is 240 centimeters, because the size of the commonly used wood panels is 120*240 centimeters. The height of 240 cm high cabinet in the production, customers can according to the site or design style needs, arbitrarily increase the length of the exhibition cabinet. But if the height is more than 240 centimeters, we need to make splints, which will not only increase the cost of production, but also increase the difficulty of production. This is because the high cabinet, back and side boards are not made of a wooden board, so the stability and load-bearing of the exhibition cabinet need to be taken into account when making them, and the damage of the manufacturing materials, glue and manual work inside the exhibition cabinet should be increased. Therefore, the price of the high cabinet with height over 240 centimeters will be higher than that of the ordinary high cabinet.

2. low cabinet

It refers to the display cabinet with the same structure as the high cabinet, but the height is about 120 centimeters. It can also display wall and double-sided products as required.

3. front cabinet

It refers to the display cabinet with glass cover, which is about 100 * 50 * 100 cm long. Front cabinet with glass cover can play an effective role in protecting exhibits.  So it is usually used in jewelry, jade, gold and silver display cabinets. The front cabinet can be equipped with LED spotlights, LED strips, ordinary spotlights and other lamps as required by customers. The glass cover can also be selected as ordinary clear wave and ultra-white glass according to needs, and can also choose whether to toughen or not. The opening mode of front cabinet has also developed from the earliest back-to-back type to the drawer type with better production effect.

4. corner cabinet

It refers to the overturning display cabinet made when two rows of front cabinets need to intersect. The length and width of the corner cabinet are not large, but the glass cover is higher than the front cabinet. It can focus on a single product, and the front can highlight the brand effect in the production.

Here's the introduction of the role of different display cabinets in stores. Funroad Commercial Show is looking forward to cooperating with you.
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