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What are the main points of modern flow to high-end display cabinet design?

Source:深圳珠宝展示柜厂    Author:凡路商业展柜    Visit:598    Pubtime:2017-12-20 09:38:20

The jewelry display cabinet of individuality: it is the best place for the unique jewelry display, so that you can feel the taste of high-end goods at the first moment.

2. Design a simple but more clean, in the sitting room can also use the simple way to design the cabinet put oneself in another's position, under the designer to design sliding door, cabinet put oneself in another's position here is able to receive more messy things, let a space look more clean and tidy.

3. The bar with wine ark design: the design of the bar, not only used as jewelry display area, also can decorate a space, can not only keep agile feeling, is also a detailed demonstration, is indispensable to space in the corner.

4. Visual interest of the personality cabinet: the storage cabinets are designed with layers of progressive forms, colors, patterns and patterns, which make the design interesting and the visual focus of space.

Five. The structure of cabinet put oneself in another's position extremely design: because they don't need to watch TV, so the thematic wall in the sitting room designed to be decorated with receive the form of combining irregular block storefront and rung show the unique structure of the fun.

6. Multi-purpose cabinet put oneself in another's design: in terms of functional, open box can put reveals ark cabinet objects or collections, can receive oddment closed cabinet, solve different receiving requirements.

7. Display cabinet and acceptance into a contrast design: the black display cabinet is suspended in the wall, and divided into multiple small squares for home owners to display the collection.The design of the body of red is to receive priority, black and red contrast rich space color.

Eight. Light pendant cabinet put oneself in another's position: in a special tea of recreational area to set up a storefront, can put the tea, tea set, take items when convenient for tea, also can put ornamental design, increased leisure emotional appeal.

Nine. With rich texture and elegant style, simple design, decoration in the space, the show luxuriant sense and elegant style, cabinet put oneself in another's position of open mode design, make the exhibition function is greater than the collection function, also is the indispensable element.

Ten. Chinese style restoring ancient ways is the breath of shelves: homeowners like the art collection of Chinese style restoring ancient ways, space design USES elegant Chinese style style, collocation is the art of classicism, present a taste of the collector.

11. The concept of partition cases: because of the space pattern of half open, jewelry designer here to partition the concept of exhibiting ark design exhibition cabinet put oneself in another's position, let the storefront and wall body can't distinguish the actual situation, building whole.

Twelve. Tailored character cabinet put oneself in another's position: in order to show the simple sense of furniture, the cabinet put oneself in another's position, using traditional techniques in both receive a function, at the same time also can show the unique design feeling and temperament.

13. Receive a function appeared everywhere: reasonable design, the space to receive a function appeared everywhere, both the cabinet put oneself in another's position of the bar, receive also have tea table, bookcase, the layout of the let a space appear in order.

14. Use metope space to make the book cabinet: the design of bookcase is to use metope space design, with white is dominant color, can let the space is bright, neat.

Fifteen. In bookcase as a spatial segregation: in the cabinet as a segment of the space, can be used as a bookcase, in addition to books can also be put display objects, clean the whole design are also serve several effect.

16. The function and design of double present: living room cabinet according to receive and display the function of the reasonable design, can be used as a bookcase, can also be used when the display cabinet or shelves, sure to clean neat feeling.

17. Cabinet put oneself in another's position with metope vertical design: due to the sitting room belongs to the high space, jewelry cases to stylist whole metope designed cabinet put oneself in another's position, from the ground to the ceiling, multiple receive a space can meet the demand of house advocate library, at the same time also has the display function.

18. Show space clean sense: in order to make the feeling of space is connected fully, in the sitting room no design big show only put TV ark cabinet put oneself in another's position, and a few black ornament, let the pure white without looking pale.

19. Reasonable use a space to increase receive function: to increase the space to receive a function, specially designed drawer under the wooden sofa, can receive broken items, and next to the portable clothes closet, both as a bookcase, also can be used as a display case.

20. The whole area receives the wall to show the alternative scenery: the main function of the cabinet here is to receive, using the whole wall to design, to maximize the use of space.

21. Receive minimalist design: not a lot of color piece or decoration, the setting wall of bright and clean and simple design of cabinet put oneself in another's position to make a simple space to generate a visual effect, extend the space.

22. The interior design of rural style: the design of rural style, in order to match with room style, jewelry cases and designers in the planning of the cabinet put oneself in another's position, show to fusion, receive, and the concept of visual design to express the space style.

23. Short ark can be both spatial segregation of function: on the porch with short ark and sitting room between space, increase the space of the open feeling, also has function of practical cases, the colour and lustre is short ark to show more recreational style space atmosphere.

The display ark highlights the taste: to enhance the function, in the two walls of the living room plan display square ark and bookcase come to set article, in the collection set off, more appear to be savoury.

Survey increase dimensional administrative levels: twenty-five. Contrast color to red color for the base of metope, erection of white layer board used as a space to receive and display, contrast color can make visual more focus, more broad vision, and increase the administrative levels of the sitting room.

26. Decorate the sitting room advocate wall with cabinet put oneself in another's position: because homeowners hobby art collection, so the set in the sitting room to hold artwork, exhibiting ark to less as far as possible in the space under the condition of outstanding works of art, advocate wall design into the space in the form of cases.

27. The combination of modern and classic exhibition cabinet put oneself in another's position: under the red wooden cases when grandma like him, with the flavor of classical and lasted long, in the style that occupy the home is given priority to with Chinese style to decorate, deepen the space style.

28. Using light relief thickness: big stereo storefront, do the closed door design, mainly to receive a piece, also can be used as a shoe ark, at the entrance of the combination of lower dangling design, hide the light source, relieves the stereo ark of massiness.

29. Let the collection perfect present cases: because homeowners collectors, so in space design, decorate a wall as cases to form, specially for collection, also revealed details of the design.

Thirty. Cabinet put oneself in another's position is ornamental: simple and open cabinet put oneself in another's position is ornamental, can beautification bedroom, also compare save space, the design of the cabinet put oneself in another's form, combined with the use of mirrors, the area of little space can be expanded.

This article is provided by the direct selling manufacturer of all road jewelry display cabinets: 20 years' experience in the display cabinet of jewelry stores, and in 2017 will help you to promote brand value quickly.

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