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What are the tips for cleaning and maintaining museum showcases?

Source:Funroad    Author:Funroad    Visit:57    Pubtime:2021-06-03 18:00:26
Now when we visit the museum, we can see that the exhibits are protected by the showcases. Because of the importance of cultural relics, we also have high requirements for museum showcases, and they need to be maintained when they are used. In the process of using museum showcases, in order to maintain good results, we need to know what are the cleaning and maintenance tips for museum showcases. I hope everyone can understand the following knowledge.

1. What are the cleaning tasks of the showcase:
1. Daily cleaning of the surface of the cabinet (steel plate and aluminum profile): Use a slightly damp soft cloth to wipe the surface of the floating soil and stains. After wiping, the surface should be kept dry and not too damp to prevent metal corrosion on the sprayed surface of the steel plate.
2. Glass surface: Use a soft cloth dipped in special glass cleaner to wipe it with dry newspaper.
3. Wipe: Be careful not to spray a large amount of glass cleaner directly on the surface of the glass and flow onto the metal of the bottom box, and do not allow the liquid to stay on the shadowless glue on the glass seam for a long time. The shadowless glue will easily fail when exposed to liquid for a long time. Make the glass crack. If there is any failure or crack in the shadowless glue joint, notify the factory personnel to repair the glue in time.

2. Tips for maintenance of the showcase:
1. The new showcase must be scrubbed: the newly-made showcase must be scrubbed frequently, because there is still some residual glue around it. In your regular scrubbing process, these things will disappear and gradually become brighter and brighter. , Especially the display cabinet with glass surface, it gets brighter as it is polished. But the showcase made of aluminum-plastic panels is a bit fussy, so pay more attention when scrubbing, because its surface is covered with a thin layer of aluminum, which can easily be scratched, especially the cabinet cabinet. When removing the cabinet, pull it back and forth. The aluminum on the surface will be scratched off in a few days, so everyone must be careful when using the showcase.
2. The rag must be clean: When cleaning and maintaining the display cabinet, you must first determine whether the rag used is clean. After cleaning or wiping off the dust, be sure to turn it over or change to a clean cloth before using it. Don't be lazy and reuse the soiled side, which will only cause the dirt to rub on the surface of the commercial furniture repeatedly, which will damage the bright surface of the display cabinet; it is easy to clean, and the surface dust can be removed with a soft and moderate towel. This product is highly adaptable to the environment and generally does not require deliberate maintenance.
3. Be sure to choose the right care agent: If you want to maintain the original brightness of the display cabinet, there are currently two display cabinet care products: display cabinet care spray wax and cleaning and maintenance agents. The former is mainly aimed at various display cabinets made of wood, polyester, paint, fireproof rubber sheet, etc., and has two different fresh scents of jasmine and lemon. The latter is suitable for all kinds of solid wood display cabinets such as wood, glass, synthetic wood or Meinaboard, especially for display cabinets of mixed materials.
4. Prevent exposure to the sun: Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun to avoid damage to the surface of the showcase and glue. Do not use solvents, strong detergents, polishes, etc. to treat the surface.
5. Keep away from the water source: Do not place the museum showcase close to the water source to prevent the showcase from absorbing moisture and causing the showcase to become deformed and moldy.
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