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Various types and applications of glass in museum showcases

Source:Funroad    Author:Funroad    Visit:57    Pubtime:2021-06-02 17:44:32
1. Tempered glass for museum showcases.

When museum showcase tempered glass was used in the initial period, it was generally used on small museum showcases. As the types of cultural relics became more and more, the volume of museum showcases became larger and larger. At this time, museum showcase glass occurred. The incident of self-destruction. Since then, the country has required that the museum showcase glass must use double-layer laminated glass over 2 meters. Currently, single-layer tempered glass is basically only used on the touch-sensitive museum showcase, mainly because the specifications of the touch-sensitive museum showcase glass display area are much smaller than that of ghosts displayed along the wall and do not have the conditions for self-destruction. The tempered glass of the museum showcase can provide good physical protection for the cultural relics inside the museum showcase, and the light transmittance can also meet the requirements of general cultural relics.

2. Museum showcase ultra-white laminated glass

The emergence of ultra-white laminated glass in museum showcases has greatly improved the display effect of museum showcases on cultural relics. Ultra-white laminated glass has good light transmittance, allowing visitors to see the details of cultural relics inside museum showcases to the greatest extent. The double-layer laminated glass used in the museum showcase, and a layer of transparent film sandwiched between two pieces of ultra-white glass. This kind of glass fully meets the requirements of museum showcases, has good light transmittance, low reflectivity, high strength, and will not explode spontaneously. For the cultural relics exhibition cabinet, the first thing to have is the advantages of high light transmission and low reflection, so that the audience can see the cultural relics clearly. At present, the museum uses ultra-white glass with good materials, with a reflectivity of 8% and a light transmittance of 91%. In terms of the physical protection of cultural relics inside museum showcases, ultra-white laminated glass can also play the same role on museum showcases, and can withstand the effect of external forces on museum showcases to a certain extent.

3. Low-reflective glass for museum showcases

Museum showcase low-reflective glass is currently the best glass used in museum showcases on the market. Its light transmittance can reach more than 98%. Low-reflective glass has a wider viewing angle, allowing more people to see museum showcases. The cultural relics in the museum also give stronger physical protection to the cultural relics in the museum showcase.

These three types are currently the most popular and widely used museum showcase glass on the market.
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