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What aspects should be paid attention to when making high-end glasses showcase!

Source:Funroad    Author:Funroad    Visit:2    Pubtime:2021-08-04 17:35:10
The display effect and promotion effect provided by a high-end display cases is difficult to measure. The "high-end" mentioned here does not refer to how luxurious its materials and design are, but a perfect blend of artistry, ornamental, harmonious and intimacy presented by the correct design.

Color configuration

Want to achieve a clear level of tones, simple but not simple. It is not possible to lose the inherent functions of the display cabinet for the brilliant colors, otherwise the practice of leaving everything behind will not only cost a lot of production costs, but also fail to achieve the expected display effect.

Lighting effects

The correct use of various lamp systems, lamp colors, and lamp types in lighting design is obvious. The lighting effect conforms to the customer's psychological and physical atmosphere, and can arouse the customer's desire to buy. Cold light spotlights and LED lights are installed on the front and left and right corners of the counter as supplementary light sources to enhance the three-dimensional sense of the glasses.

Visual aspect

As we all know, the effect of the design of the glasses showcase is to allow consumers to receive the information they need most effectively in an effective space. In this acceptance process, to maximize the comfort, harmony and naturalness of the customers.
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