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What is the difference between display cabinet and office furniture?

Source:深圳珠宝展柜厂    Author:凡路商业展柜    Visit:184    Pubtime:2017-11-27 10:20:42

Often there will be customers asking the display cabinet and office furniture what difference?Today, from the aspect of materials and characteristics to illustrate the difference between display cabinets and ordinary office workers.

Then from the material point of view, reveal ark material is complex, generally including, solid wood, density board, aluminum alloy, glass, acrylic, white light, shoot the light, lamp, hardware, steel plate, pictorial poster, etc., which also includes details such as the electrical wiring wiring, each kind of material corresponding to different craft, belongs to the complex office furniture series.

People often compare office furniture and reveals ark to do, feel a copy annatto high-grade paint desk so cheap price, a materials can't reveal ark price is desk several times, think don't understand.Display ark although belong to office furniture type, but have very big distinction with office family.On this piece of imitation mahogany desks generally several primary workers can be completed under the guidance of return, because this kind of table specifications, materials, and matters needing attention are the same, every factories is one hundred do together, carefully, can save a lot of artificial cost, coupled with the increasing demand for the table, the material price in the case of high demand, nature also more cheaper, the price of that redirect to each table is also with cheap down.But not reveal ark, reveal ark belongs to customized style of office furniture, each reveals ark is different, it is hard to mass production, unless it's their bulk customer demands, so that corresponding to the procurement for material, the cost is naturally begin to increase, more importantly, the high-quality goods reveals ark must have experienced and creative teacher need to do, has reached to reveal ark style of high standard and quality of the most difficult to grasp.

Finally, from the features, the display cabinet is divided into wood display cabinet and aluminum alloy display cabinet.Wooden display cabinet to make process is divided into fire prevention board face reveals ark and paint process reveals ark, technology reveals ark using solid wood paint, high-grade style, elegance, and beautiful, but the price will be more expensive.Fire prevention board to stick a face reveals ark, belong to intermediate reveals ark, paint a lot of characteristic of reveals ark style, but because of material itself, there will be many restrictions on craft, arc effect will not be able to do it in many places, for example, the style will play a certain discount;Aluminum alloy reveal ark is also called the metallic glass display cabinets, metal material classification and reveal ark can be divided into the aluminum alloy and titanium alloy display ark, there isn't a large difference in the style of the two, reveal ark belongs to high-grade alloy titanium alloy.

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