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What is the difference between the custom-made jewelry display and the on-site production?

Source:深圳珠宝展柜厂家    Author:凡路商业展柜    Visit:538    Pubtime:2018-01-31 10:15:38

What is the difference between custom-made jewelry display and site production?

The exhibition cabinet is custom-made factory, is to decorate the counter in the department store inside the counter inside the booth to make, then the site carries on the assembly.

1. What are the advantages of factory customized display cabinets compared with traditional on-site production?

1. Quality assurance:

The factory customized display cabinet applies advanced production equipment, and the display cabinet is produced through the production mode of assembly line operation. It is shown in the following aspects:

A: the standard is high and the precision is good:

The furniture produced by the furniture factory, however, is better than the furniture made by hand, and there is no difference in quality between the products made by factory and the high-end furniture in the market.

B: effective quality assurance:

After the cold press, precision push table saw cutting, planing, double row drilling, splitting, and the bottom, and finally to spray paint and baking paint, are a series of high standard operations.

2. Environmental protection:

The site construction, especially the painting process, is not guaranteed by the site operation, and there will be a lot of harmful gas in the construction process, which can not be effectively played.And all factory production is completed in the factory, and used the environmental protection material, can effectively improve the air quality in other stores, and factory production than the site operation to reduce the workload, more reduced the noise produced by site operation and decorate a garbage, so as to reduce the impact on the adjacent tank.

3. Shortened construction period:

Because the factory produces a lot of work has been transferred to the factory, and the construction site produces only a small part of the work, so the period of construction is greatly shortened.Generally, the factory production counter can shorten the time by 20 days than the site construction.

Ii. The factory production counter business process is as follows:

1. According to merchant requirements.

-- formulating the overall design plan.

2. According to the design plan.

-- draw the effect drawing and construction drawing to make the completion effect clear.

3. According to the effect diagram and construction drawing.

-- to determine the cost and the overall construction plan with good quality and low price and short duration.

4. On-site production projects.

-- including the upstream and downstream water, strong and weak electricity, tile, marble and so on to draw the construction node diagram respectively, and determine the site installation period.

3. Construction process flow.

1. Site investigation

-- on-site measurement, measured field size and the geometrical dimensions of ceiling and ground of each wall, recording the structure of various sectors of the earth construction.

2. Customized design of factory.

-- can fully meet the requirements of the customer modification plan, and according to the actual measurement site size to achieve the goal, we can select the hardware fitting according to the customer's labeling.

3. Factory customized display cabinet process.

-- opening materials, customized hardware, carving, test, batch ash, grinding, primer, surface paint, test installation, packaging, all fixed products are produced by the factory and assembled directly on site.

4. Finish machining.

-- the various pieces of wood are processed into wood, and the geometric dimension error is controlled within 10MM.

5. Facing

-- using all kinds of expensive decorative wood such as beech, cherry wood and so on, the products produced by the complex process can be compared with real wood.

Spray paint of 6.

- spray polyester paint with high pressure water to avoid the large amount of micro particles that the common bubbles coalesce to make the surface smooth as mirror.

7. Simulated assembly

-- according to the specifications, varieties and sizes specified in the factory's order, the qualified products after the strict inspection shall be simulated and assembled in the factory, and the packaging shall be marked and classified.

8. Site installation

- assemble the display containers in order.

9. Green

-- construction site small noise, little garbage, no pollution, no paint smell, the decoration can be used.

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