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What kind of cosmetics display cabinet do you want to customize

Source:Funroad Exhibition & Display    Author:Admin    Visit:98    Pubtime:2020-09-28 15:32:10
  Exhibition equipment usually plays the role of setting off the exhibits and setting off the atmosphere of space in the exhibition. It is necessary to consider the size, style and space of the exhibition, and to combine the characteristics of the exhibition, the size and the style of the exhibition. We should not blindly mark new innovations in the planning of exhibition equipment, so that the exhibition equipment will dominate the host and affect the exhibition effect of exhibits. The size and size planning of the exhibition equipment should meet the requirements of ergonomics, which is convenient for the audience to visit and safe without visual fatigue. The exhibition stand is one of the indispensable materials for the construction of exhibition stand, mainly including skeleton and display.

1、 Skeleton class

  Skeleton category refers to the supporting skeleton exhibition equipment of hanging, supporting, fixing exhibition board, splicing joint exhibition stand and exhibition cabinet, and it is also the supporting modeling of partition and ceiling of exhibition stand. The appearance image is frame structure.

2、 Furnishings

  The display frame is the support of display exhibits. It has various shapes, which can be large or small, and the shapes can be combined. The materials commonly used in the exhibition stand are wood, metal, plastic, glass and textile materials.

And the framework of the exhibition frame is divided into two types: special exhibition frame and standardized exhibition frame.

a. Special exhibition stand

  The special exhibition frame is usually specially planned, one-time special exhibition space skeleton structure, the link part is not easy to disassemble. The special exhibition stand has various artistic forms.

b. Standardized exhibition stand

  The standardized display frame is mainly made of high-strength light aluminum manganese alloy, steel and stainless steel profiles, glass fiber reinforced plastic and other materials such as pipe fittings, connectors, clamps and small parts made of stainless steel, spring steel, aluminum alloy, plastic, rubber and other materials.

  The standardized exhibition frame, also known as the disassembly type exhibition frame, is composed of standardized beams and columns with certain cross-section shape, certain specifications and length specifications, and easy to install connectors. It has the flexible characteristics of disassembly and assembly. It can install display panels, display cabinets, exhibition stands, etc., which is convenient for disassembly and assembly, and can be used many times, with varied shapes and consolidated assembly Assembled in a short time. Most of the standard display frames are assembled by means of component connection. The common connection components are plug-in type, clip type, support type, hook type, bolt type, ball joint type and lock type.

  The selection of exhibition equipment should be safe. The structure should be solid and safe, and the shape should be simple, without complicated thread and decoration as far as possible. The materials and colors used on the surface of the exhibition equipment shall be free from glare, and the surface treatment shall prevent the illumination and reflection.

  From the perspective of economy and environmental protection, the exhibition in a short period of time should use less specially designed exhibition equipment, so as to facilitate the exhibition arrangement, save expenses, select standardized exhibition equipment, facilitate assembly, disassembly, preservation and transportation, and reduce the waste of building materials after the move out.
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