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What material should I choose when customizing a jewelry display cabinet?

Source:Funroad    Author:Funroad    Visit:46    Pubtime:2021-06-29 15:03:32
What kind of material did you choose for the professional jewelry display cabinet? As you know, there are manufacturers in jewelry booths in every city, so why are glass jewelry display cabinets so popular?
1. Glass display cabinets are mainly used for special counters for displaying jewellery, mobile phones, cosmetics and other items. Due to its high safety and environmental protection factor, the display function is obvious, and the cost performance is high. In many shopping malls and stores, glass jewelry display cabinets are almost the audience Favorite.
2. Glass jewelry showcases generally use tempered glass to make cabinets. Tempered glass has high hardness and good heat resistance. For display places that move in different places, tempered glass display cabinets are the best choice. However, shopping malls must do a good job of maintenance when using cabinets. First, it will not cause safety problems, and second, it will not affect the function of the glass cabinets.
3. Glass display cabinets are widely used in the field of commercial display. Glass display cabinets have good display performance, can display products 180 degrees, and have a wide range of applications. Therefore, it is particularly important to choose a high-quality glass display cabinet for commercial display. important.
4. The styles of glass jewelry display cabinets are very popular. Although the counters are similar, many people like the design style of the glass jewelry showcase, that is, the design of the glass jewelry showcase. So some people want to buy it at a higher price.
There are many reasons why glass jewelry display cabinets are popular. I said something today. I hope it helps everyone. If you need to customize the glass jewelry display cabinet or have questions of interest, please contact our online customer service. Funroad Decorative Jewelry Cabinet Purchasing Consultant will provide you with procurement consulting services.
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