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What problems should we pay attention to when customizing wooden display cabinets?

Source:凡路展柜厂    Author:凡路展柜厂    Visit:42    Pubtime:2019-01-18 17:42:46
Customized wooden display cabinet is not the more expensive the better, many consumers consider the quality of wooden display cabinet will feel that the more expensive the better, in fact, it is not the case. Therefore, when using the same material, it is often more expensive to buy by oneself than professional manufacturers, because manufacturers buy a lot of materials, will enjoy greater preferences, so the purchase of materials must be considered comprehensively.

Customized wooden display cabinets and professional wooden display cabinets will have obvious differences in sealing quality. Therefore, woodworkers should make their own wooden display cabinets, which can only be sealed by hand. It is better to invite manufacturers to adopt high-quality PVC sealant, high-temperature glue and automatic sealant to delicately seal the edges, so that the effect will be better and the service life will be longer.

When choosing customized wooden display cabinet brands, it is better to choose some well-known brands when the economy permits. Famous brands in addition to quality clearance, after-sales service also has a certain guarantee, the purchase of a good wooden display cabinet, but also need to consider from multiple conveniences, such as panel thickness, doorframe, accessories, etc., these reached a good wooden display cabinet.

To customize the wooden display cabinet, if possible, it is best to ask the exhibition cabinet factory designers to come to measure, so that they do not need to provide their own data, so as to avoid errors. Customized wooden display cabinet can also be customized according to the actual situation of customers, so that the effect of the customized wooden display cabinet will be better, and the style is also very distinctive.

Customized wooden display cabinet also needs to pay attention to see whether the hardware fittings of manufacturers are complete, and whether they are green environmental protection materials. If the formaldehyde content of cabinet doors and cabinet materials is too high, it will have adverse effects on the user's body shape. So how to judge whether it is a healthy material, the simplest way is to open the cabinet door or open the drawer, if exceeding the standard, it will generally emit a strong smell of stimulation, or even make people cry.

This is the introduction of how to design the display cabinet in the company's exhibition hall. Funroad Business Show is looking forward to cooperating with you.
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