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How to design the display cabinet in the company exhibition hall?

Source:凡路展柜厂    Author:凡路展柜厂    Visit:42    Pubtime:2019-01-16 17:34:46
Cosmetics, jewelry, watches and other business units have their own exhibition hall, making exhibition hall display cabinets to display their products and corporate brand image. Future enterprises want to stand out in this fierce competition market, then exhibition hall plays an increasingly important role in enterprises, so how to design Exhibition cabinets in the company exhibition hall?

Enterprise exhibition hall is divided into cultural exhibition hall, honor exhibition hall, product exhibition hall and future exhibition hall. How to plan the layout of the structure in limited places is a problem. We should not only consider the proportion of each exhibition hall display cabinet in the enterprise, but also think about the long-term development direction and goal of the enterprise. The real purpose is to make the enterprise exhibition hall in the final direction. The core value of enterprise exhibition hall is to enhance the company's and commodity's visibility through image display. It is also the blending expression of company's thinking, art and civilization. It remolds and extends the company's internal image and shows its strength and brand image.

When decorating and making exhibition cabinets, the first task is to deal with the ground, because the floor of the exhibition hall must be flat, if the unevenness will have a certain impact on the floor decoration of the exhibition hall, the unevenness should be leveled with mud slurry, or with cement self-leveling. Modern multi-media exhibition halls have relevant requirements for fire protection. If you want a ceiling, Guangzhou Yijia exhibition suggests that all indoor sprinkler outlets must show a certain size of the ceiling, and to control the level. It has to be handed over to a professional fire company for acceptance. Weak current transformation (including network and telephone lines, audio and video lines) requires a special integrated wiring company to do, data and voice labeling must be done well in the wiring time, and then continue to bring trouble. Nowadays many buildings are equipped with central air conditioning and fresh air system, but the indoor air outlet may not meet the requirements. It is necessary for the decoration company to entrust professionals to extend or renovate the outlet and to cooperate with the ceiling project.

This is the introduction of how to design the display cabinet in the company's exhibition hall. Funroad Business Show is looking forward to cooperating with you.
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