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What's the difference between customized and off the shelf?

Source:Funroad Exhibition & Display    Author:Admin    Visit:61    Pubtime:2020-11-24 17:48:24

The factory customization of display case is to manufacture part of the goods platforms of the special counter in the shopping mall in the exhibition cabinet processing factory, and then assemble them on site.

1.What are the advantages of factory customized display cabinet compared with traditional on-site manufacturing?

1. Quality assurance:

Factory display case customization uses advanced production equipment to produce display cabinets through the production method of assembly line operation. It is shown in the following aspects:

A: High standard and fine degree

Just like the furniture produced by a furniture factory, it is more exquisite than the furniture made by on-site craftsmanship. There is no difference in quality between the products manufactured by factory and the high-grade furniture on the market.

B: Useful quality assurance:

It is a series of high-level operations, such as cold pressing by de cooling press, fine sliding table saw cutting, planing, double row drilling, slicing and greasy, backing, and finally painting and baking.

2. Environmental protection:

On site construction, especially the painting process, not only the quality can not be guaranteed, but also a lot of harmful gases will be left in the construction process, and it can not be used effectively. Factory production is all finished in the factory, and the use of environmental protection materials, can be useful to improve the air quality in other shopping malls, and factory production than on-site operation reduces the workload, but also reduces the noise and decoration waste generated by site operation, and then reduces the impact on adjacent cabinets.

3. Shorten the construction period:

Due to the factory production of a lot of work has been transferred to the factory, and the construction site manufacturing only a small part of the work, so the construction period is greatly shortened. Generally speaking, the factory customized display cabinet can shorten the time of about 20 days compared with the on-site construction method.

2.The business process of factory manufacturing pallet is as follows:

1. Draw up all planning plans according to the merchant's requirements.

2. Make renderings and construction drawings according to the planning plan, so that the completion effect can be seen at a glance.

3. Determine the cost and the whole construction plan according to the effect drawing and construction drawing with the principle of high quality, low price and short construction period.

4. The on-site manufacturing projects include water supply and drainage, strong and weak electricity, ceramic tile, marble, etc., draw the construction node diagram separately, and determine the construction period of on-site devices.

3. Construction process

1. On site investigation and site measurement, measure the site scale and several scales of wall ceiling and ground, and record the structure between interfaces formed by civil engineering.

2. The factory customized planning can fully satisfy the requirements of the customer's revision plan. According to the measured site scale and with the principle of reaching the renderings, it can select and match various hardware accessories according to the customer's indication.

3. The process of factory customized display cabinet, such as material opening, customized hardware, carving, trial assembly, batch ash, grinding, primer, finish, trial device, packaging, all fixed products are produced by the factory and assembled directly on site.

4. Finish machining and molding will process all kinds of plates into various workpieces required by wood, and several scale errors are controlled within 10 mm.

5. Veneer selection of various valuable veneer wood, such as red beech, cherry wood, and so on. The products produced through the disordered process can completely compare with the real wood.

6. High pressure water removal process is used to spray polyester paint, which avoids the common bubble condensation of many micro particles, making the surface bright as a mirror.

7. Imitative assembly: according to the standard, type and scale determined by the factory order, the qualified products after strict inspection shall be assembled in the factory, and the symbol classification packaging shall be made.

8. The on-site device will transport the products to the site and assemble the display cabinets one by one in order.

9. Green environmental protection construction site has small noise, less waste, no pollution, no paint smell, and can be used after decoration.
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