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What's the difference between the display cabinet and the display shelf?

Source:凡路展柜厂    Author:凡路展柜厂    Visit:295    Pubtime:2019-01-14 17:35:44
There are always customers who will ask if the display cabinet and the display shelf are the same kind of cabinet in the display cabinet industry. What's the difference between the display cabinet and the display shelf? The display cabinet is used in cosmetics stores, jewelry stores, clothing stores, shopping malls, supermarkets, and digital stores and other fixed business places. Most of the materials are wood, hardware, stainless steel, glass, acrylic and so on. The color can be customized according to customer needs. Because of its size and weight constraints, it is usually fixed in the shop to display goods, generally made of wood paint, for the process requirements are relatively high, especially in jewelry stores display cabinet is required to perfect the display of high-end jewelry fashion cabinet.

So what are the differences? The display rack can be said to be hollow display cabinet. The display rack has far more functions than the display cabinet. Because the display shelf is hollow design, it is more comprehensive and more thorough for people to understand when displaying items. The display cabinet is far less effective than the display shelf, people can only watch the front of the display cabinet items, the back is invisible. Secondly, there are obvious differences between the use of the two. Display shelves are mainly used for commodity display, such as promotional fairs and exhibitions. Generally, when they are displayed, they also need to paste merchants'LOGOs on display shelves to play an advertising role. The display cabinet is mostly used in meetings and expositions. The display cabinet is more conservative than the display shelf, so it is more stable, suitable for displaying some representative items of corporate image, or for exhibiting items in museums.

According to the characteristics of the display rack, the design and matching product promotional high-quality display rack, coupled with creative logo tags, make the product stand out in front of the public, thereby increasing the role of product advertising. Exquisite display shelves can display the characteristics of products in an all-round way, rich accessories, and each component can be flexibly installed, a variety of color matching, exquisite display shelves make traditional facilities eclipsed.

This is the introduction of the difference between display cabinet and display shelf. Funroad Commercial Show is looking forward to cooperating with you.
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