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What should I do if the store display showcase accidentally soaked in water?

Source:Funroad    Author:Funroad    Visit:57    Pubtime:2021-06-02 17:44:14
Showcase, also known as display cabinet, is a kind of cabinet product that displays the individual characteristics of culture and products. Many businesses are now promoting the corrosion resistance, heat preservation performance, pressure resistance, long service life, etc. of the showcase, but is the quality of the actual showcase really so good? What should I do if the store showcase accidentally soaks in water?

Some merchants reported that the cosmetics showcase he had used for more than 6 years was recently soaked. We found this merchant and conducted a series of evaluations on the showcase.

The merchant said that his cosmetics showcase was made by Rongrun. Afterwards, Rongrun arranged for staff to check on the site and found that the traces of the water soaking in the showcase were not obvious. Although the base fabric was a bit dirty, the base made of MDF did not absorb water and foam, which appeared to be more durable. The material of the base MDF is better than that of plywood, particleboard, plywood and other materials on the market. Therefore, there is no obvious change in the load and wear of the showcase.

However, some basic damages will occur during the daily use of the business. And this is precisely what many businesses worry about. After all, if you encounter a showcase with a poor material, once it is soaked in water, then the showcase will basically be scrapped.

So, if the base of the showcase is only partially damaged, can the showcase continue to be used?

Generally speaking, merchants have many requirements starting from customized showcases, such as quality requirements such as aesthetics, size, materials, capacity, load-bearing, and environmental protection. However, there are also some businesses who like to be cheap and choose to go to the furniture store to buy casually. Of course, it saves money, but the material is not very good. If you want to be practical, it is best to customize it to the manufacturer, so that it will be relatively safe.

The most susceptible to damage is generally the paint on the surface of the showcase. Daily encounters with sharp appliances scratches or improper operation can easily cause abrasion. Such a scratched showcase will not only cause unsightly appearance, but also cause visual discomfort for consumers. Therefore, damage to the paint on the surface of the showcase has always been a headache for businesses.

Not only that, some showcases that have been used for more than 6 years, if they have not been cleaned up in time, there will be debris and dust deposited in the track; plus the long-term impact of the load-bearing of the showcase itself will increase the deformation or brittleness The risk; under long-term sunlight, after the edge sealing may be oxidized, common problems such as shedding may also occur.

Of course, the best way to face these problems is to maintain and maintain them reasonably as soon as possible. For merchants, it has been quite a long time for the display cabinet to be used for 6 years. Generally, it will be eliminated after only three or four years of use. The display cabinet that can be used for 6 years is basically because the material is very good.

The surface of the showcase is damaged, we can refurbish it according to requirements, so that the cost is much lower! Similarly, the showcase is repaired by professional personnel operating equipment. After replacing the base, the main structure will become stronger. Some wooden structures, as well as glass products, acrylic products, stainless steel products, soft bags, etc. can be used normally.

The refurbished showcase will regain its brilliance, still revealing the gorgeous atmosphere of fashion.
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