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Why are the prices quoted by display cabinet manufacturers different?

Source:Funroad Exhibition & Display    Author:Admin    Visit:81    Pubtime:2020-10-23 15:05:43

  Most of the customers will shop around when they buy display cabinets. They may get different quotations, which leads to a series of questions in their minds. Why are the prices different? Is the quality the same again? Which display cabinet manufacturer are you going to buy? In fact, there are many reasons for customers to have doubts, because there are differences in the materials and workmanship of the customized display cabinets in Shenzhen. Let's take a look at the production process of the display cabinet, which factors affect its price?

First of all: the production of materials, commonly used wood materials are divided into density board, plywood and difficult to flame retardant board. In the case of the same thickness, the price of flame retardant board is 2.5 times higher than that of density board, and the price of splint is 1.5 times more than that of density board. In order to clarify the different materials will also form the price level.

Second: appearance and standard, the price of the general flat and straight display cabinet is lower than that of the round and special-shaped display cabinet, because the production of the round and special-shaped display cabinet takes more time, and the difficulty is higher than that of the straight one. There are also standards for display cabinets. If the height of display cabinets is more than 2.4 meters, the quotation is also higher. This is because the general board size is 1.2 m * 2.4 M. when the height of the display cabinet exceeds 2.4 m, it is necessary to connect the board. On the premise of ensuring the structure of the display cabinet is solid, the working time for connecting the board is also more than that for the general display cabinet, so the quotation is slightly expensive.

Third: production technology: Taking the paint display cabinet as an example, the paint display cabinet made of density board has a low price due to its high surface flatness, high paint plasticity and less labor cost. However, the paint display cabinet made of plywood and flame retardant board has a rough surface and low paint plasticity. If it is necessary to achieve a better effect of baking paint display cabinet made of density board, it will cost a lot of labor, so the quotation is also high. For example, when making jewelry display cabinet, if the surface of the display case is pasted with wood decorative panel, it is not only necessary to add decorative panel on the surface of the original board, but also to do corner matching treatment for some edges and corners, as well as adding color rubbing technology in the production, so the quotation is also high.

Fourth: the number of display cabinets, most of the technology of display cabinet production requires manual operation. Even if there are some processes that can be operated by automatic machinery, there are also processes as fast as 70% requiring manual production. At that time, the labor costs of various industries in China were rising, and the price of Exhibition cabinets was also rising. Therefore, the number of customized display cabinets is also one of the elements to choose the quotation of display cabinets.
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