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What are the differences between customized display cabinets and on-site production

Source:Funroad Exhibition & Display    Author:Admin    Visit:81    Pubtime:2020-10-23 15:42:42

  The factory customization of display case is to make part of the cargo platform of the decoration counter in the shopping mall in the exhibition cabinet processing factory, and then assemble it on site. What are the advantages of factory customized display cabinet compared with traditional on-site production?

1. Quality assurance:

  The factory Custom-made display cabinet adopts advanced production equipment and adopts the production mode of assembly line operation to produce the display cabinet. It is shown in the following aspects:

A: High standard and good precision

  Just like the furniture produced by a furniture factory, it is more exquisite than the furniture made by hand on site in any case. There is no difference in the quality between the factory made products and the high-grade furniture on the market.

B: Useful quality assurance:

  It is a series of high-level operations, such as cold pressing by de cooling press, precision sliding table saw cutting, planing, double row drilling, slicing and greasy, backing, and finally painting and baking.

2. Environmental protection:

  On site construction, especially in the painting process, not only the quality can not be guaranteed, but also a lot of harmful gases will be left in the process of construction, which can not be used effectively. The factory production is all finished in the factory, and the use of environmental protection information, can be useful to improve the air quality in other shopping malls, and factory production than on-site operation reduces the amount of work, but also reduces the noise and decoration waste generated by on-site operation, so as to reduce the impact on adjacent cabinets.

3. Shorten the construction period:

  Because a lot of factory production operations have been transferred to the factory, and the construction site production only a small part of the operation, so the construction period is greatly shortened. Generally speaking, the factory production platform can shorten about 20 days than the on-site construction method.
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