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Why does the pearl turn yellow

Source:Funroad Exhibition & Display    Author:凡路深圳展柜厂    Visit:81    Pubtime:2018-06-20 10:30:52

Usually walk on the road I see a lot of beautiful women also quite like to take a pearl, then see yi how does everybody take some difference?It turns out that pearls are one of the organic gems that can turn yellow easily.Because the surface of the pearl has very small pores, it is easy to hide dirt and scale.

So why do you wear something that turns yellow?First of all, the chemical stability of pearls is extremely poor. If exposed to air for a long time, the layer of pearls will oxidize and turn from white to yellow.In summer, people will sweat. If worn for a long time, they will encounter water and sweat. Due to the fine pores on the surface of the pearl, water and sweat will infiltrate into it.This is ordinary yellowing phenomenon, if your pearl stained is not serious, you can use 1 ~ 5% of dilute hydrochloric acid or hydrogen peroxide solution soak, when a bubble in the solution, it indicates that the adhesion of outside yellow dirt dissolved, quickly remove the pearls, rinse with water, dry cotton cloth.To facilitate control of the soaking time, also can take a cloth dips in solution is wiped, pay attention to wash in a timely manner if pearl has been defiled serious, has even started to become black, can use first in 10% salt water, washing with 3% of dilute hydrochloric acid solution, the final wash, can restore luster.But whether in which case you if is not very good, lead to the pearls in the solution for time is long, will damage the pearl, so suggest that in the case of the control no, or to the professional jewelry store to clean up.

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