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A summary of the interior space design style

Source:Funroad Exhibition & Display    Author:Admin    Visit:703    Pubtime:2017-06-09 18:00:30

For the current diversity characteristic of interior space design style, the view of the road to this, the specific content summarized as follows:
Chinese classical wind in interior space design
Chinese classical architecture style of interior decoration design art major is a delegate with palace building, grand, large space lihua expensive, high space, depth, dao, vehicles, modelling is exquisite symmetry, pay attention to color contrast adornment material is given priority to with lumber, design more dragon, phoenix, tortoise, lion, finely crafted, beauty kit kat.But the decoration cost of Chinese classic style is taller, and lacks the modern breath, in the design of household space just abstracts a few elements to act as an ornament.
The Greek classic style in interior space design
The pure, elegant and harmonious style of classical Greek style is more prominent, the temple building appears more.Dorlick, ionick and Corinth are typically Greek style columns and are a basic part of the architectural design of interior space of western classical architecture.
The ancient Egyptian style of interior space design
Decoration style of ancient Egypt characteristics mainly simple, bold, materials mainly with stone material is given priority to, pillar type is the symbol of its style, stigma such as protruding paper brews, scape tall and straight towering, intermediate cable groove, hieroglyphs, relief, etc., here are the column development, ancient and dignified.
The ancient Roman style in interior space design
Roman style with high-end features, magnificent, magnificent coupon pillar is the creation of the ancient Romans, modelling is a coupon hole between two columns, forming a coupon and column bold and combined with the interests of extremely rich decorative pillar, become the most distinctive characteristics of the western interior decoration.Popular and practical Roman dworak type, Rome, dry, Rome love Nick type, Roman Corinthian Roman column type and its development.The ancient Roman style style of interior space design used to be in vogue, still be in household space design interior decoration is popular commonly.
The gothic style of interior space design
The gothic style is the line shape of the Roman style of succession, the physical volume is rapidly rising, and the odd space is the basic style.The window is decorated with colorful glass, the colour is blue, dark red, purple is given priority to, achieve 12 color comprehensive application, the rich and clever LSD.The gothic stained-glass window of interior space design is very famous, the home outfit is in condole top time can be local to use, have a dream adornment artistic conception.
The islamic style in interior space design
Islamic style in the design of interior space is characterized by east and west walls, indoor jumping, contrast, gorgeous colour, its surface decoration outstanding powder painting, color glass Mosaic tile, doors and Windows with carve patterns or designs on woodwork, valuable.such handiwork of plate column board, also commonly used adornment gesso anaglyph.The stone clockwork of brick craft is the most characteristic method of islamic style.Color glass Mosaic is inlaid, can be used in porch or the partition of home. 
Italian style in interior space design
The Italian style of interior space design gives full play to the advantage of the column system, the column type is combined with the vault, arch and wall.Brisk loggia, beautiful arch, straight moldings, and the use of perspective to the architecture, sculpture, painting into a room, has the strong sense of perspective and sculpture, create both has the elegant graceful in ancient Greece and ancient Rome's magnificent sight, manifests the closer to the person's personality liberation and humanistic ideas of simple, clear and harmonious new indoor style.
The baroque style in interior space design
Are the main features of baroque style emphasizing strength, change and move feeling, emphasizes building in painting and sculpture as well as the indoor environment and so on comprehensive, exaggeration, romance, passion and irrational, illusion and fantasy.Break the balance, the plane is changeable, emphasize the level and depth.The use of various kinds of marble, stone, bronze, gold and other decorations ornate and magnificent, broke some programs and principles of Renaissance classicism.
The rococo style of interior space design
The general characteristics of rococo style are lightness, luxuriance, delicacy and delicacy.Interior decoration modelling tall slender, asymmetry, direction changing frequently use form such as "C" S "or" vortex coupon shape curves, lines, and the commonly used big mirror as a decorative, large use flowers, flowers, bows and arrows and shell designs.Good use aureate and ivory white, colour lively, downy, light but luxurious richly.The interior space decorates the modelling grace, the production craft, the structure, the line has the characteristic of soft turn, downy, in order to create the space environment that is relaxed, clear, kind.
New classicism in interior space design
Neoclassicism with respect for nature in the design of interior space, the pursuit of truth, the revival of the ancient art form for the purpose, especially the works of ancient Greek and Roman civilization heyday, or solemn, elegant and beautiful, but not copy is classical and to abandon the abstract, absolute aesthetic concept and lack of artistic image and the difference between traditional classicism in the 16th and 17th centuries.Neoclassicism style will also be furniture, stone carvings, etc into the interior furnishings and decoration, the use of stucco, marble, make interior space more pay attention to the change of the material and the wholeness of space.
The modern style in interior space design
Modern decorative art introduces the creative thought of modern abstract art and its results into interior space decoration design.The main features of modern style are simple design, popular, fresh and close to people's life.Its adornment characteristic curves and asymmetric lines, such as pedicel, bud, vines, insect wings and nature all sorts of beautiful, undulating form design, etc., and embodied to walls, railings, window lattice, and furniture and other decorations.The line has the delicate and refined, some strong and the rhythm, the whole stereo form is integrated with the orderly, rhythmic curve.The use of iron components in large quantities, the new process such as glass, ceramic tile, and iron art products, ceramic art products, etc.The brief space suggests to pay more attention to indoor and outdoor communication during design, try to bring new originality to interior decoration art.
The contracted style of interior space design
Contracted style among many interior design style is also Jane dimension can provide a kind of, its characteristic is to use the plan of point, line and plane space of a few rich spiritual orientation, adorned with a small amount of creative and clever object space points that are rich in angry, simple but not monotonous, simple and elegant, make the finishing point, let it comes with a real and not imaginary, empty and not empty new space visual effect.
The harmony style of interior space design
The harmony style characteristic of interior space design is the house, the courtyard is thorough, the person and nature are unified, notice to use the corridor, choose the eaves, make the corridor space clear, the freedom.Adopt wooden structure, not still adornment, contracted concise.Its spatial consciousness is extremely strong, form "small, pure, qiao" mode, use the eaves, niche space, create a particular kind of soft and soft moist light shadow.Clear lines, pure murals, scroll paintings, rich cultural connotation, indoor palace lamp suspension, umbrellas for landscape, style simplicity and elegance.
The native style of interior space design
Return to consciousness and the people of rural sentimentally attached to sense the beauty of nature bring product, is the so-called homesickness, human relationship of love can be poured into the indoor environment space, interface processing, furniture furnishings and all sorts of adornment elements.Vernacular style is characterized by a large number of users in the space of wood, stone, bamboo and other natural materials to decorate the space, and natural symbol design directly into the natural objects, natural appeal, indoor environment design of the "original", "natural" state of mind and atmosphere, embody the natural characteristics of the vernacular style.The rustic style of interior space design has been praised by many literati.
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